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God Made Another Super Patriotic Truck Ad For the #SuperBowl!

Today, I found myself in the middle of some serious, if not heated discussions via text message and facebook and twitter (what’s new?) about the Dodge “God Made A Farmer” ad during the Super Bowl. Apparently, asking one simple question about the commercial apparently is enough to offend some people to “unfriend” me or whatever. I care not. Here’s what I do care about. First things first, if you enjoyed the ad, no I don’t think you’re racist or whatever. More power to you. Second, if a multinational corporation makes a claim about God in public, as a Christian intellectual, it is my duty to ask questions. No claim about God is ever innocent or objective. None. Ever. This is coming from a Jesus-following, bible-believing, creed-affirming Christian. Just because it looks like a company is saying good things about “god” or people does not mean they are about reproach or criticism.

1st, So I ask Dodge Ram, which “god” made the farmer you are referring to in this ad? Which “god” are you talking about?

2nd, simply put, how did the farmers get their land? How did “god” provide land for these farmers? Was it perhaps the Homestead Act that Abraham Lincoln signed in 1862 so that whites could be squatters and “settlers” on First Nations Peoples’ land? Was it Manifest Destiny? The Trail of Tears? A Plantation? I want to know, just how did “god” provide land for his ELECT White American male farmer?

The 2nd question gets folks tongue-tied, cuz they don’t want to answer the question. Look, I am sick of revisionist history. I have had to deal with this BS all of my life, ever since third grade. I had to educate myself on the history of African Americans and Native Americans starting then. Social studies classes for elementary schools are sugar-coated and dishonest all in the name of nationalism.

The Super Bowl is a favorite national past-time. Football many claim is a religion. This claim, as I stated above is not an innocent truth claim. Football is part of a nationalistic religion, starting from junior high, pep rallies prepare the young to be subservient patriots not willing to criticize their country, for the good of the team! I like to watch football and the Super Bowl like everyone else, but I refuse to stay quiet when I see blatant nationalism prancing around as innocent agrarian nostalgia.

Here’s the transcript for Paul Harvey’s Future Farmers of America speech in 1978

The Cowboys Won, but the Kansas City Chiefs Should Be Commended

English: Matt Cassel, a player on the Kansas C...

English: Matt Cassel, a player on the Kansas City Chiefs American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yes, I am sooo happy the Dallas Cowboys swept the Philadelphia Eagles 38-33, but the surprise story yesterday was the Kansas City Chiefs‘ actions. While the circumstances of Jovan Belcher‘s murder/suicide remain a mystery, one thing that was clear was that his girlfriend, Kassandra Perkins.

We could say like the Slate article that since the NFL has a domestic violence problem because of so many violent men, that the Chiefs recognizing victims of domestic violence was nothing more than an empty gesture. I don’t take such a cynical view of the world. I don’t that it’s just professional American football players who have a domestic violence problem, since such a view make it an “us-versus-them” problem when in reality, it is OUR problem. The fact is that anti-domestic violence campaigns (if we exclude the Temperance movement for just a second) are relatively young from the early 1970s on. In some states, there are moves to weaken anti-domestic violence laws today, like in Kansas. I think in light of the reactionary politics going on in its neighboring state, Missouri‘s best pro football team did the right thing and is a step in the right direction.

Edit: Addition: May we remember the victims of domestic violence in spite of the monetary success, race, or prowess of the perpetrators.Please read Crunk Feminist Collective: Remember Their Names: In Memory of Kasandra, Cherica, and Others.

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Sunday Funnies: God Corrects the Gospel Coalition on Tim Tebow

Remember the Gospel Coalition’s passive-aggressive accusation that Denver Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow was a blasphemer? And how they as armchair quarterbacks, suggested maybe it was not God’s will that Tim Tebow not be a starting quarterback in the NFL?

Well, of course, God is a comedian. After today, it looks like TGC is going to be proved wrong, once more, I mean, to the glory of God.

Tim Tebow starts for the Broncos in the second half, nearly leads to a comeback.

Fare well, Kyle Orton!