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Before Hillary Rodham Clinton & Sarah Palin

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In the 1990’s, Hillary Rodham Clinton was the subject of talk radio and immense scrutiny.  In this decade so far, Sarah Palin has faced comparable criticism, albeit from the progressive blogosphere and t.v. news outlets.

But prior to these two intelligent women stepping onto the public forum, there was a congresswoman from New York who desired to see more women in politics. Interestingly enough, in her speeches at least, she did not say which ideology women should belong, but that they be included would make a difference in U.S. American politics.  As I read her speech, “Your Time Is Now, My Sisters,” I came across some interesting quotes, that I felt lead to share with you all. Keep in mind, this was written in the context where women there were only 10 U.S. Congresswomen and 1 Senator, a world where only 67% of eligible women voted, but what remains true today is that women make less in terms of income than men for those who work full-time jobs.

“We must replace the old, negative thoughts about our feminity with positive thoughts and positive actions affirming it, and more.  But we must also remember that we will be breaking with tradition, and so we must prepare ourselves educationally, economically, and psychologically in order that we will be able to accept and bear with the sanctions that society will immediately impose on us.”

In this instance, like Frederick Douglass the abolitionist thinker who was for pro-women’s suffrage, there is no progress without a struggle. The liberal progressivism of today, with it’s false hopes that everyone will just somehow magically evolve into agreeing with them just does not cut it.

“Women must participate more in the legislative process, because even of the contributions that I have just mentioned that women could bring to American politics would be a spirit of moral fervor, which is sorely need in this nation today.”

What? Is she promising that if a woman, say, ever became the Speaker of the House, that it would be the most ethical Congress in history? 🙂

Sigggh! I digress.

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Nancy Pelosi, Biblical Theologian?

Warning :this is not a Partisan attack  but An Adventure in “Kuperian” Christianity

Last week I posted on Abraham Kuyper and Woodrow Wilson.  I think they are the best examples I can give of persons who adhered to a brand of Reformed theology and global statism that is endemic of evangelical political practice.

There were a number of conservatives upset that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would invoke the name of Jesus (referring specifically) to John 1:1,18 while advancing her policy preferences.

You can see the video here!

Isn’t that exactly what many conservatives do as well?  Of course. A lot of Christians try to use Christ’s name in order to prove that God is on this side or that side. Jesus is used as a political puppet for our agendas.  But I refuse to refer to this a Constantinian Christianity, as many scholars have; rather, I would prefer KUYPERIAN Christianity, to avoid a polemic that has played itself out and has had more of historical implications here in the USA.

In the words of Baptist theologian Herschel Hobbs in the revised versions of E.Y. Mullin’s Axioms of Religion:

“Christ cannot be claimed as the special patron of any particular reform movement.”