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For the Gleek shall inherit the earth

I have a confession to make:

I love Fox’s new hit Glee !  It is filled with humor, drama, and lots of singing and dancing.  It is like a parody of high school, American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance all rolled into one hit show.

Sure, like every show it is filled with its stereotypes, but that is just part of the entertainment industry.  Matthew Morrison and the boss lady from The 40 Year Old Virgin Jane Lynch star as rivals glee club sponsor/Spanish teacher Will Schuester and Cheerios  director (cheerleading coach) Sue Sylvester.  It makes for an interesting story.  As a theologian and ethicist, I am more interested in the story line that takes place between the leader of the Cheerios Quinn Fabray (played by Dianna Argon) and the rest of the students.  Quinn also serves as the president of the Celibacy Club, a Christian organization dedicated to living in sexual abstinence and opposing contraception [read: the producer’s cheap shot at labelling Christians as puritans, close-minded, and hypocritical].  Fabray is very religious and makes sure that everyone knows this by consistently holding onto her cross necklace. Her character so far has enjoyed engaging in conflict but at the same time, she regrets (as the conclusion of the third episode, The Acafellas showed) doing the bidding of the vindictive Sue Sylvester. Quinn reminds me of Mandy Moore’s Hillary Faye in one of my favorite critiques of Christianity, Saved!.  It will be interesting to see how Fabray either changes or remains the same throughout the season.

An update: Calvinism and Holy Hip Hop, Furthermore

Saturday, I posted on, see here, Tiffany Orr’s criticism of our very own T.C. Moore’s comments on Calvinism and Holy Hip Hop.  Unfortunately, she fell into several errors and was informed of this fact.

Her articles are currently unavailable due to the fact that she has RETRACTED all of her statements and taken down the articles from both of the Christian forums that she posted them.

More on Calvinism and Holy Hip Hop!

T.C. Moore wrote a facebook note several month ago on Calvinism and Holy Hip Hop. Suffice to say, only hours later that night when yours truly posted them up on what was formerly once known as Black Trinitarian Theology, Celucien Joseph made a link to the post, and Nick Norelli responded with his helpful criticism of T.C.’s points.

Today, the saga exposing the Calvinist bias of Holy Hip Hop continues with a look at the Christian rapper Flame, whose Calvinism leads him to accuse other church members of being intolerant of the Reformed tradition.

In his track, “who can pluck us?” Flame suggests:

I’m trying to tell you something you probably have never heard
And if you have you probably perceive them as dirty words

However, Flame misunderstands the Arminian position, as Jim Leonard of Arminian Baptist notes.  Arminians believe in predestination and election. but we link those doctrines with union in Christ, we are predestined  through and according to Jesus Christ, the Son and chosen in Christ.  The key words being: IN CHRIST!