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Last Year @FoxNews Lost 25% Of Its Black Viewership

Fox News Channel

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Last year, MSNBC had a rating boost, with the ouster of Keith Olbermann, I thought it would have been all over for the news organization. Instead, they actually thrived, even with the addition of a show with Reverend Al Sharpton at the helm! MSNBC claims that its because of their commitment to diversity, across the board, but I would like to add, they have a new appealing image to scholars and intellectuals of color, as well as white scholars. They’re conversations are placed in a way that include, oh, the facts on most issues and their commentary is informed. MSNBC has embraced a geekier image. Enter: Nerdland.

I am not really saying this as a fan of MSDNC, but I have taken notice. CNN just seemed determine to break news stories while sticking to the same formula of social liberalism and economic conservatism. Fox News was far too busy to win the election for Mitt Romney, that they had to abandon the African Americans who watch FNC (including me). I tried to be balanced and watch CNN and Fox News, but I couldn’t take it any more. I was tired of being demagogued at. So, I just got most of my news from online, Twitter, and blogs.

I have caught myself watching Nerdland on occasions, but I was just turned off by Melissa Harris Perry’s defense of Obama using drones and killing human beings. I’ll try to watch it from time to time, but only when DC Nation isn’t on.

MSNBC’s Phil Griffin On 60% Black Audience Gain in 2012: People Want To Know that we reflect their world via Mediaite


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