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The New #DCNation: #BewareTheBatman, Mister Terrific, and Wonder Woman

Image of Batman and Alfred staring at Michael Holt on their computer from Tumblr.

I was going to completely avoid

Beware the Batman

Beware the Batman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beware The Batman, the new CGI animated series on Cartoon Network. Green Lantern and Young Justice were unjustly cancelled, and dagnabbit, I’m still bitter. Then, late this week I read about a new series of animated shorts with Wonder Woman that were to air during BTB, and I thought, okay okay, I shall watch! And watch it I did. I was thoroughly underwhelmed. Beware the Batman was okay, it wasn’t gonna  blow me away

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Anima...

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Batman The Animated Series/Green Lantern The Animated Series magical with their pilots, but it wasn’t Marvel’s The Avengers Assemble bad. #sorrynotsorry.

Image of Mister Terrific provided by comic vine.

One of the best surprises of this episode, “Hunted” was the appearance of Michael Holt, who becomes Mister Terrific, the third smartest man in the world and one of my favorite DC Comics heroes! I am kind of hoping for a modified version of Batman’s The Outsiders to appear in this series, maybe with Mister Terrific replacing poor poor Jefferson Peirce /Black Lightning. Katana is already going to be a regular on the show. As long as Holt keeps appearing on the show, I’ll watch. I don’t think this was a 1-time thing, but I could be wrong.

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