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Stupid Christian Pet Tricks: Pacifism Is for Sissies

Real (Fascist) Men of Genius proudly presents, God Really Wants You to Murder Those Folks and Reward You For Being a Killer Guy.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, says that in order to fight manly wars, we must reward people with medals for killing enemies rather than saving human life (So much for that sanctity of life stuff).  Not only does he abuse the Christus Victor atonement theology to desecrate the Cross of Christ, he continues to confuse (in US American conservative evangelical fashion) the value of Jesus’s sacrifice (the Son of God) with mere mortals.  Does not the Gospel and tradition teach Jesus’ uniqueness in terms of his life and sacrifice, and that there is nothing anyone can do to reach His equality with God? I do not know about you, but Bryan Fischer. you are a heretic. Period.

By the way, I heard bears are Satanic. What say ye?

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