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Grown Men Don't Cry

“He [Elisha] fixed his gaze and stared at him [Hazael], until he was ashamed. Then the man of God wept.”- 1st Kings 8:11, NRSV

“Jesus began to weep.”- John 11:35, NRSV

Chris Bosh

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Emotions & Gender Construction

Growing up, I was told by my male parental unit (nope, not using the “f” word to describe him), that big boys don’t cry.  We were to leave the crying and emotions to women, well, of course except anger and wrath.  Sobbing after a little league baseball game was a taboo. Shedding tears after failing to get all A’s? Definitely a no-no.

Where does this notion come from?  My MPU was a nominal Christian, and in early U.S. American Christianity, in history classes, we learn that the image Dei for many early Puritans was male rationality. Indeed, some classes of human beings were deemed incapable of being rational, ala women, while others, ala males of the First Nations & Africa, deemed to have an inferior rationality.  Of course today in the church, this phallocentric way of being/doing/thinking in the world goes unchallenged.

Lately, the members of the Miami Heat, especially Chris Bosh, have been made fun of (I admit, I even giggled when I heard the story, since, you know, it’s only a game), and while some of the jokes were childish, there seemed to be, in my eyes at least, a sexist tone to this comedy.  Basketball is what these men do for a living; what person does not cry when she fails to succeed on a presentation at work or get reprimanded by her boss? It’s okay to cry behind closed doors for men, but it’s okay for women to mourn in public? Why? To affirm our misogyny, and patriarchal ways of being?

This sexist mode of gender construction does perpetuate gender violence, especially if anger is the only emotion where it is okay for males to express, well, except if you are a black male, because then you end up being stereotyped as an Angry Black like Malcolm X or someone of the like.  But it’s okay for Bill O’Reilly to express outrage every night on the T.V.

bell hooks say in her salvation: Black People and Love,

“Since patriarchal masculinity also encourages men to mask what they feel as a way of manipulating others, black males are especially at risk; they may be rewarded for being estranged from their feelings.  Creating and maintaining personal integrity is especially hard in a culture of domination where lying is rewarded.” (page 87)

The Bible says nothing about a ban on men crying. Was the prophet Elisha a REAL MAN? Was Christ Yeshua of Nazareth, A REAL MAN? Probably not according to the Promise Keeper’s definition, I mean, since we do have to keep those women in line, and young black boys, they are dangerous (so goes the racist/sexist stereotype), so they need firm hand, perhaps someone like CNN’s Steve Perry.  This what a society based on lies looks like.  And as we all know, only the Truth, integrity, can set you free.

Now, pardon me while I go watch Al Pacino in Scent of A Woman, and cry again.


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It's Morphin Time!: UFC Jesus & the Green Ranger

Tommy as the Green Power Ranger.
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Just when I thought that Mark Driscoll’s Mixed Martial Arts Jesus was going away, my brother Richard showed me the official facebook fan page with Jason David Frank, the original Green Ranger/Tommy Oliver of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Today, the Green Ranger is a Christian Mixed Martial Arts fighter, because, well, Jesus didn’t tap!  Of course, everyone remembers Christ Jesus defeated that wicked Rita Repulsa a couple of thousand years ago, in that ultimate match of good versus evil! Recycling images of the cross to promote senseless violence and entertainment; what a long way Christians have come from protesting the gladiator games like Tertullian did.

Dragon Zord! Where’s my dagger/flute!?!

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Stupid Christian Pet Tricks #2: Censoring the Hebrew Prophets


We like our sanitized versions of the prophets of the Hebrew Bible, all under the hegemonizing gaze as either Ancient Near Eastern social justice advocates (liberals) or far-sighted oracles who see the Messiah all around them (conservatives).  Not all prophets were alike, I am sorry, and they were not nice when it came to language.  In fact, one could say they were rather profane in the name of speaking for the sacred.  Ezekiel, for example, from the translations and interpretations I have read, was quite lewd in his depiction of Israel and Judah (especially chapters 16 and 23).  Roland Boer, to put it in the most politically correct way possible, tried to uncover masculine sexual imagery in the prophets. But the oh so diverse and academic elites at the SBL did not approve of his title even though the paper had already been accepted. Talk about critical scholarship!  Fortunately, Boer has made his paper available on Scribd; I would recommend you read it, it is fascinating and even some insight into the story of Samson the judge (judge being basically a prophet with military and political power, in my view).

Boer’s work increases my fanboyism for the book of Ezekiel that much greater. If you are interested in my more experimental and developing post-colonial interpretation of Ezekiel, you can find it on Scribd as well.