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How Bromantic!

See, Glenn Beck  and Van Jones do really love each other.

Glenn Beck And Van Jones, The Bromance Continues.

I feel like I am watching the movie I Love You Man all over again.

Don’t you just love happy endings?

National Pancake Day: Is IHOP a Cult?

In an e-mail conversation, a friend and I were discussing  the cult named the International House of Prayer.

My friend pointed out that maybe IHOP: the restaurant was a religious cult.  For me, personally, it would only make sense because from 2001-2006, every single time I went to one particular IHOP, the waiter/waitress would, 100% of the time get my order wrong.  Now, apparently, things have changed in my favor. Given that it is IHOP National Pancake Day, here is some food for thought:

“I think the house of pancakes is also a cult
Their food is how they draw you in
Your all like breakfast at 3 am heck yah and then the next thing you know your a true believer. Eating all your meals bowing down to the unlimited short stack. Your family and friends no longer see you. The next thing you know ihop has taken all your money and once your out of money ihop abandons you on the side of the road and your homeless”


Truth and Peace,