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Left and Right Libertarians: The Essential Difference

This quote is for the uninformed Joel “Olsteen” Watts, who claimed last week:

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“As you know, we have to distinguish between the libertarian left and the libertarian right. The libertarian left is more communitarian, and focuses on limiting government for the sake of communities ruling themselves, and pursuing the common good. By contrast, the libertarian right is a thoroughgoing classical liberalism, promoting exclusively individual self-interest, unrestricted by government regulation.”

Aaron Rathburn, comment on “If only governement would stop regulating business…

I would also add that Left Libertarians are far more amenable to nonviolence, take a minimalist view on governments protecting individuals, and do have concerns for equality in terms of power– things Right Libertarians ignore.

For a good site with informed opinions on Left Libertarianism, try Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

How Do You Spell Right Wing?

Of course, the answer is T-E-A.

The best way to discredit persons who have sincere differences in public policy differences (or theological/doctrinal differences) is to label them as something horrific, like racist. Just like the NAACP teaming up with the The Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights.  I cannot wait until we find out who funds the IREHR; research organizations cannot fund themselves.

Similarly, a commenter on this blog has recently (and albeitly falsely) accused me of doing the sort, but that commenter does not know how  I do theology. I do not believe in doing scholarship out of fear of the Other, even if it is the “big bad white male Other.” Power relations are far more complex than the simple dichotomies we depend upon. And I find dualisms quite distasteful myself.

But really, there is now an “objective” study on the Tea Party and its ties to White nationalist organizations. I just do not understand why the NAACP does not find all other forms of nationalism as problematic, like the New Black Panther Panther Party.  All nationalisms are sinful.The other problem with the study is that it seems to not address the notion that many persons around the world do not have a problem with nationalism, as such.

If you want to take a look at IREHR’s results, try here.