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Beck Talks, But We do not have to listen

David Horstkoetter at The Other Journal has an excellent write up, explaining Black liberation theology, its differences with Latin@ Liberation theology, and basically why Glenn Beck got it wrong for the most part. Okay, he got it completely wrong. But don’t take my word for it: “Everyone in This Room is Now Dumber for Having Listened to [Him]” : Setting Straight the Insanity of Glenn Beck on James Cone and Black Liberation Theology.

Is Black Theology in Need of Liberation, from Itself?

Dr. Anthony Bradley of the Acton Institute thinks so.

In an interview with World Magazine, he says,

Q: From what does black liberation theology have to be liberated? Black theology has to be liberated from itself. Its primary anthropological presupposition is that humans are victims of social oppression: That is the starting point of a person’s identity. I want to switch the conversation and say, “Slavery happened, injustice happened because the devil is real and the Fall is real, so you’ll always have injustice. But the core of a person’s identity is that of the Imago Dei, being made in God’s image.”

Bradley has also made a website for his new book, Liberating Black Theology.