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I guess I'm old fashioned but I would let my son watch My Little Pony #MLPFIM

mlp fim


And now for the rebuttal to idiocy and opinions based off of ignorance.

First of all, I don’t know if there’s a rule book or something out there, but I know that it was up until the mid-20th century before colors like pink were assigned to femininity. Second of all, as a Brony who is also Christian and straight, let me just say that the people who are really old fashioned VALUE THE LIVES OF WOMEN AND THEIR THOUGHTS. The dogmatic view that pink means girly is RELATIVELY NEW.


“I’m not actually sure if this is true — and I suspect it isn’t. If the kid was literally assaulted by groups of boys, I find it hard to believe that none of the offenders have been punished.”


No offense to survivors and current members of homeschooling, but Mr. Walsh, stick to speaking at homeschooling conferences. You have no idea what it means to work in a public education setting. You see, kids can getaway with a lot, and they find the most ridiculous ways to hide what they do. And hey, how about we not shame victims of violence? Oh that’s right, you are already doing so. 11 year Old Michael Morones, a boy who loves Jesus and Pinky Pie was bullied into feeling worthless and attempted suicide. Here is a boy who carried his Bible everyday and went to church regularly. And he liked the emotionally excessive party pony Pinky Pie. I used to carry my Bible in my backpack to school when I was his age, and I had very few options, so I watched X-Men the Animated Series and Eek the Cat, and The Tick and oh Power Rangers. Boys and Girls used to love power rangers, then they became stale and uncool. If it was okay for girls to like MMPR back in the 1990’s (something marketed at boys) I don’t see the problem with young and old fans of MLPFIM.


“They say the school is wrong, the boy should keep wearing the backpack, and we should all celebrate the individuality and self-expression of a male who watches a TV show about unicorns.”


“It isn’t fair or right that a boy’s enthusiasm for a show called My Little Pony – featuring unicorns named Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie”



Also, the show (which has great animation and storytelling btw), has more than just unicorns. It’s filled with Earth Ponies, Pegasi, Alicorns, Dragons, Dogs, fairies, Griffiths, and Buffaloes, just to name a few other creatures. Any show with Dragons should definitely begin a chance. Except for Game Of Thrones.

Speaking of Game Of Thrones and why I don’t watch it.

MLPFIM is a cartoon that does not show violence. “Boy stuff” G.I. Joes to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can glorify violence at times. Why must masculinity be defined by violence? Enter Walsh once more:

“If Grayson were my son, I certainly wouldn’t tell him that he deserves this treatment — far from it. I’d take him aside, as my dad did with me, and tell him that he must always be prepared to stand up for himself. I’d tell him that nobody ever has the right to abuse him. I’d tell him that he may even need to respond physically, and I’d give him the two caveats that my dad gave me: 1) You may hit back in self-defense. 2) You may hit back in order to defend some other innocent person.

Never instigate. Never provoke. But always stand tall with conviction and courage.”

Well, way to vaguely approve of violence, my friend! See, the positive feminist values taught by My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, are that from a relational perspective. I would prefer to teach my son (if and when I ever get married and we choose to have kids), the way of persuasion and dialogue. See, just because MLPFIM is a cartoon does not mean it can’t teach anything. In fact, one of the things about books, television, and other media is that they have a teaching function, since all media is value-laden. There’s really no such thing as a neutral sphere. I mean when I was a kid, The Flintstones and The Jetsons learned us about family, The Smurfs about communism, G.I. Joes about Patriotism, He-Man: Masters of the Universe about well, just plain awesomeness. I want to teach my son to love his enemies, and forgive those who persecute him, just like Jesus would. This means a complete rejection of worldly (read: violent) definitions of manhood. I also plan on teaching my daughter(s) and/or son(s) to be anti-racist as well; and as I have mentioned before, MLP:FIM has a few episodes dealing with race and empire. If a show like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic makes it that much easier for me to do so, then a show like that is okay by me!

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Quote of the Day: Francis Beckwith on David Barton

Thank you, Francis Beckwith, Baylor professor and blogger at Return To Rome (which I do follow).

I owe Amanda Mac thanks for sharing this quote on facebook and twitter.

Case closed.

“At some point you have to stop blaming the liberal establishment for all the crappy stuff that dominates popular Christianity. When Ken Ham is your scientist, David Barton is your historian, and Bill Gothard is your pastor of spiritual formation the problem isn’t the liberal academic establishment, it’s you.”

Francis Beckwith commenting on the The Gospel Coalition’s post on Barton

Creationists & Moving the Goal Posts: How Tax Breaks Work

fundamentalist economics 101

The Young Earth Creationists at Answers in Genesis clearly have not read Ezekiel chapter 23 or Hosea, otherwise, they would not be so shocked by Joel’s comment, comparing funding the “Ark Encounter” with an adult film store. Of course, the YEC’s put Joel, James McGrath, I and other Christians in a camp that “have accepted the opinions of fallible scientists and have used them to reinterpret Scripture, rather than let Genesis—written as history, not poetry—speak for itself.” Apparently Creationists have a difficult time understanding the notion of literary genre. That’s their problem, not mine. I’m a libertarian, and I could care less what they believe, but I want to point out one thing.

When a state government declines to receive revenue from a business venture, out of the notion of tax rebates, the funds have to be taken from somewhere else in the budget. In other words, the prospective revenue that the business denies the state does indeed impact the state’s budgeting process. Why is that so hard to understand? Take this story from the Wall Street Journal; the President plans to propose tax breaks for businesses; the risk is obvious, since the federal government is denying itself revenue from tax payers. This means a change in budget planning by the government, which means either higher taxes elsewhere, spending cuts, or both. This is what it means we have tax deductions. It is that simple.

Apparently, The folks over at Answers in Genesis do not understand this. I could care less how you feel about evolution versus creation. Joel’s point was that a ministry business endeavor is prospering over and against other businesses. If there truly is a free market system, the government would keep its hand out, and remain neutral. That’s free market capitalism 101. Instead, the Ark Encounter is a public/private sector joint project now, and AIG risks being influenced by government decisions in the future because the government can, at any time, take back the tax breaks. Imagine if Kentucky ever had a governor who was hostile to the project, along with a legislature? They could probably double the taxes that the Ark Encounter people owe them out of a personal vendetta. Do we want this to happen? No, so the best thing to do is to fight for the freest markets possible and keep the government out of the churches coffers. That is the nature of the separation of church & state–a primarily economic concern.

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