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A Day in the Life of A Biblioblogger/Theoblogger

So many of you are wondering: what is it like to live the life of a privileged bibliblogger/theoblogger.

Well, life is so difficult but no one has been able document our lifestyle until now. So, without further ado, a day in the life of the biblioblogger/theoblogger exposed.

5:00am Woke up from dreaming about what theologian to quote today. Maybe Karl Barth or John Piper.

5:05 am Read Jim West’s first post of the day on Zwingli.

5:15am Said a short prayer before checking facebook.

5:20am Checked my comments subscriptions to see if my questions are being ignored once again. Yup, still not being interacted with.

5:30am Check my 241 blog subscriptions.

5:35amĀ  Read Jim West’s latest post on Zwingli

5:40am Decided begrudgingly to take a shower rather than live the Bohemian lifestyle.

6:00am Tweeted about random theological insight. Something to do with the NLT being the worst translation ever written after the The Shack Bible.

6:30am Ate breakfast. Ummm oatmeal and raisins.

7:00 Left home for work; had to check Jim West’s latest post on Zwingli right before I locked the doors.

8:00am Sit in the office, reading biblioblogs and comments. Re-posted and linked to the latest depravity found on Jim West’s blog.

9:00am pretending to get work done until lunch time

1:00pm Re-Tweeting tweets and blog posts that I agree with. Especially from the Huffington Post and Religion Dispatches.

3:00pm Work on ideas for my own original blog posts. Glance at Jim West’s blog for inspiration.

4:00pm Take a quick nap. Dreams of a world without the New Living Translation.

5:00pm Time to go home. Needed the latest news on Zwingli. Apparently he is dead.

6:00pm Wrote on Mark Stevens’ facebook wall; he still thinks Australia has a chance of beating the US in basketball.

7:00pm Started watching my daily dose of prime-time television. Live-tweeting during Caprica, Dancing with the Stars, and Glee only to annoy Jeremiah. For three straight hours.

10:00pm Bedtime. Dreaming about Zwingli burning the NLT. What a mad world!