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The Conversion of Switchfoot, and Myself

Narratives of Transformations

I thought to lighten up the conversation with a rare music post and a bit of good news.

When I first started at Brite, I would listen to one band and blast its music really really loud on my stereo: Switchfoot. I have seen them in concert several times. For my 24th birthday, besides having a 24 themed party; you guessed it–I played Switchfoot’s “24” all day, and all day the day before I turned 25. I would argue “Nothing Is Sound” was their best album to date up until I purchased “Hello Hurricane.”  The funny thing is, I thought I had out grown Switchfoot, since every song had some very vague metaphor for God or was about relationships between guys and girls.  My focus had changed; I was more into things like racial reconciliation, Christian justice, liberation, and empire studies. Their music for me was a thing of the past as part of a different stage of growth.  I really didn’t expect any change to happen from their brand of music (what I labelled as other-worldly).

However, I have learned my lesson. I should never doubt the possibility of anyone to change. One article pointed out that they had made a change in their music.  Inspired by civil rights activist John Perkins, I believe Switchfoot is working to change their image from just another Christian commodity to a group of human beings dedicated to justice. Shows me right for being cynical.