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Who Won the Fight Between Me & Joel Watts? AKA the Unsettled PJs Bowl #TCU Vs #WVU

Earlier today, unaware that his beloved West Virginia Mountaineers were playing the TCU Horned Frogs:

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Well, how did the game turn out?

First, TCU was down by a touchdown, and was at their 6 yard line, and our redshirt freshman quarterback threw a NINETY-FOUR YARD TOUCHDOWN PASS. That’s right, 94 yards, people! Tie game, the game went to double overtime after two missed field goals. Then the Mountaineers threw a touchdown pass, their FIFTY FOURTH pass of the game for only 260 yards, I must add. Thats not really efficient, #IJS.

Anyhow, TCU pulled a trick play, Wide receiver pass, Brandon Carter to Corey Fuller, a 260 pound tight end.
Then, TCU went for two and made it.

Great win, we’re bowl eligible, as the state of Texas remains superior to West Virginia!

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Welcome back to Christianity, Joel, welcome back.

I was just cruising on the blogosphere, and Joel out of nowhere admits he no longer a non-trinitarian!

What in the world! Is it April Fools’ yet? Oh no, I think my posts on the Trinity have gotten to him to be honest. I can be very persuasive like that. Anyways, welcome back to Christianity, Joel Watts!

Trinitarian Tuesdays: Joel