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Booker T. Washington on Learning Greek & Latin

In context, it was illegal for enslaved Africans to read or write English. Illiteracy was the norm, now, I will leave you with a quote from Booker reflecting the attitudes of the Negro community towards the literate, and those who had obtained knowledge of ancient letters, like Greek and Latin:

“There was a further feeling that a knowledge, however little, of the Greek and Latin languages would make one a very superior human being, something bordering almost on the supernatural. I remember that the first coloured man whom I saw who knew something about foreign languages impressed me at that time as being a man of all others to be envied.” (page 81)

See, that is exactly what I am trying to do, to read the patristics in their original Greek and Latin languages, so I can become Superman. Like Jeremy Thompson.

Apparently Joel Supports Torture, Abu Gharaib, and Gitmo!

Yeah, so I am trying to take a principled stand versus empire, and what does Joel do?  Rather than try to at least recognize the U.S. part in the violence. Calls me a contrarian, letting hate-filled individuals off the hook.

Not a single word about the Afghan war, the Iraq war. The blame goes to one or two crazy individuals, 2 scapegoats. In Terry Jones’s case, fundamentalism is a consequence of imperialist binary thinking in the first place.

Joel, you are showing cheap grace to imperial governments, bro. NO doubt about it. But I forgot, you voted for Obama and  want to remain patriotic. I get it, I totally get it. If Obama is Bush 43, Joel has to be Hannity.


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Sunday Funnies: What If the Bibliobloggers were Power Rangers?

You know, the other day I could not resist the temptation to see what the latest fad of Might Morphin Power Rangers were. I’ll admit embarassingly that I was a fan until around the 8th grade.  But nothing seems to change. The dialogue is still cheesy, the battle scenes are the same choreography.  So, I think, in that spirit for this episode of Sunday Funnies, I would like to do a meme with the Bibliobloggers as the Power Rangers.

Me: Obviously, I am the greatest Power Ranger character ever, Ninjor.

Ninjor: because surfing on a cloud is what Jesus would do

Chad:: Since Chad hated MMPR, he can be Rita Repulsa. She was evil and had that annoying cackling laugh.

Amanda Mac: As the brains of the operation, Amanda is the Zordon of PJ and the biblio-blogosphere.

Joel Watts: AYE YIH YIE YIE YIE Bloggers! Whose blog gives us the most updates and tells us with the evil Glen Beck has a plan? Why it’s Joel Olsteen Watts, of course, the Alpha 5 of bibliobloggers.

James McGrath: As the blogger most likely to blog on the latest science, James would definitely be considered the Billy Cranston of the group, the original Blue Ranger. Triceratops Power!

Be very afraid!

Scott Bailey: It seems like Scott keeps leaving the show, and then coming back. He is back to blogging again, so just like Tommy Oliver, the White Ranger, who is apparently a Mixed Martial Arts fighter now, just won’t go away.

Jeremy Thompson: Jeremy is the bully of the bibliobloggers, but he keeps being confused about which side he is one. One day, he is one of the good guys, the next, he joins Chad in his hatred for the Rangers. Because Jeremy has been there from the beginning and hasn’t changed at all since 1992, He is the Bulk of the group.

Cue that funky music, will ya?


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