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Kevin on Aristotle, Descartes, and Catholic Scholarship

“Though I struggle with some doctrinal issues, I seek to handle them in accord with the document I cited in my previous post. I’m only saying that Catholic theology is sacramental. A Catholic can be a good scholar or a bad scholar (or great, or horrible, or aberrant, or sinful … and anywhere else on that spectrum) in relation to the Magisterium. But, he or she cannot be a non-Catholic scholar, or a fake Catholic scholar, or a “not true (in the sense of identity)” Catholic scholar in relation to the Magisterium.”

Jeremy has responded a second time to C. Michael Patton’s posts on Catholicism’s lack of scholarship.

Likewise, Kevin Greenlee also has an excellent post up: Is Doubt Faith’s True Methods: A Lesson for Michael Patton from Aristotle.

“Descartes doubted everything he thought he could, came to the conclusion that he could not doubt his own existence, and using a very strange ontological argument moved from there to the existence of God. Once God was secure, Descartes felt he could securely believe in the existence of the outside world.”

“So how does this apply to Roman Catholic Scholarship? For the Roman Catholic scholar, the major area of scholarship upon which his being a Roman Catholic could have any bearing would be theology. Theology, like logic or physics, is its own science and will have its own principles. But what are those principles? The fact of the matter is there’s no easy answer to that question, and different faiths and denominations will have different answers to it.”

I would suggest you go read both posts. Very good reads.

Hebrew Language Help from Daniel, Tonya, and Jeremy

Today, Optimistic Chad posted that he is re-teaching himself Hebrew. That reminded about my latest YouTube subscription.

Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Jeremy Thompson as well as Daniel & Tonya of Hebrew and Greek Reader blog, Biblical Hebrew 178 at the University of Stellenbosch is now online.

You can subscribe here: BH 178 vocabulary.

Vatican Meeting on Catholic Bloggers

Over at Dating God, I discovered that there was going to be a meeting at the Vatican with Catholic Bloggers next month.

The list can be found HERE.

Perhaps there will be a Vatican 3, with bloggers.

One Catholic blog missing from the list is Jeremy & Joel’s Settled Catholicism.

Must be because Jeremy is EVIL!!!!!