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That's What YHWH SAID!


Jeremiah as Michael Scott: Jeremiah was the guy that nobody liked, but often said things that were true, but obviously not appropriate. He also had a hang up about wanting people to like him, and like, Micheal, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. (From Optimistic Chad via facebook)

Michael scott business school2
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Isaiah  as Dwight Schrute: Bears (59:11) Beets (4:2) and Battle Star Galatica (6:2)

Dwight Schrute
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Huldah as Phyllis Vance:  Poor Phyllis. No one ever listens to her on the Party Planning Committee.  Poor Huldah.  She is not even invited to be a part of the Partying Prophets committee.

Phyllis Lapin-Vance

The prophet Nathan as Darryl Philbin: Nathan and Darryl are quite uppity, with a very bad habit of standing up to their superiors, misguided but well intentioned souls like King David and Michael Scott.
Darryl Philbin
Ezekiel as Todd Packer: When it comes to one-track minds, Todd has nothing on Ezekiel the priest-prophet (chapters 16 and 23).

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Joel: We should not fund Israeli Abortions

Joel has an interesting story.  I am all for supporting the state of Israel and the human rights of Palestinians, but let us not forget to protect the human rights of the unborn born in Israel either.

Is the U.S. supporting (free) Israeli Abortions? | The Church of Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Joel.

What They Are Stopping By For

Here are the latest search engine results for finding Political Jesus:

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*For a few weeks now, apparently, someone is doing research on N T Wright and transgender studies. I do not know what’s going on there.

Other than that, everything else makes sense.

And thank you all for stopping by. You are free to comment on any post.