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Vacation Over?

So I have been reveling in my hiatus from the religious academy, taking a break, planning to study for the GRE to apply for PhD programs in theology in December.

But mysteriously on an e-mail account I rarely check, I received an invitation to contribute to an international journal in theology, Testamentum Imperium.  I was both honored and surprised to see the invitation, which I accepted. The topic:

“1. The necessity of “hope” as it pertains to mankind in the midst of suffering (Continental Philosophy) and the implications of our Hope being an omnipotent God who promises to be with us always

I see it as an opportunity to cross theological and philosophical boundaries, and  engage in dialogue with scholars from varying confessional sensibilities.  I also appreciate the fact that the invitation was for me to contribute in continental philosophy and Christian theology, rather than just patristic or postcolonial thought.  I think this is part of the work of being a Christian scholar, interacting in many conversations, bridging the gap between the church and the academy.

My vacation from the Ivory Tower is far from over.  I have a little while to submit the article. 🙂