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This week, Tom Verenna proved that academic blogging is a good thing

Academic blogging in biblical studies and theology has been given a bad rep this year. There wasn’t really a problem with it before, so why now? Anyhow, usually, there comes along some dilettante that presents to the public his or her propaganda based off pseudo-scholarship and misinformation. That’s where blogging can come in. Some people are just in denial that the world wide web is now an extension of the public square, if it has not already become the public square altogether yet.

Good work, Tom Verenna!

Updated: No, Joe Atwill, Rome Did Not Invent Jesus

A Few Insightful Posts On Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I really don’t have the words right now to discuss all that went down, from the racist manhunt lead by Reddit (I will be writing about) to Fox News’ Racist Propaganda about Chechnya “they’re all bastards!”, but fortunately, there were brave souls who addressed this issue. I leave with them.

“This is also true when it comes to the disappearances of black and brown women and children, which are all but ignored in the mainstream media. When our children go missing, there’s barely a teardrop in the news cycle. When white children go missing, it’s a national event.

Why don’t our children get to be children? Why don’t they ever get to be innocent?

What all this has resulted in is the displacement of compassion and empathy with anger and resentment. Because when the names of slain white children are spoken, I can barely hear them anymore. My ears are plugged with the unuttered names of the Black and brown children whose lives didn’t mean enough to be spoken aloud on CNN. When I see photos of their smiling white faces, I can only imagine the smiles of fallen Black and brown children whose faces never grace the news.”

Hey White Liberals: A Word On the Boston Bombings, the Suffering of White Children, and the Erosion of Empathy via Black Girl Dangerous

“I believe that the victims of the Newtown School Shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing are being set up by our collectivization of the trauma of these events as martyrs to white identity and white privilege.”

Newton, Boston, and the Martyrology of Whiteness via Jesus Radicals

“Well pay attention, because the Fox article “Chechnya: History of Horrors” is a clinic on Racist Reporting 101. It begins by quoting Vladimir Putin calling the Chechans bastards and child-killers, and then parenthetically reproduces conspiracy theories about some Chechan/Nazi alliance during the 2nd world war. This may be the first time that Fox News has repeated Stalinist propaganda as fact.”

AntiChechen Racism Unbridled by the Daily Kos

“Now of course they are called ‘Chechen terrorists’, and Muslim to boot. No one seems to call them ‘separatists’ and ‘independence fighters’ now.”

From Separatists to Terrorists: The Boston Bombers by Roland Boer

“Ethnicity is often used to justify violent behaviour. But no ethnicity is inherently violent. Even if the Tsarnaevs aligned themselves with violent Chechen movements – and as of now, there is no evidence they did – treating Chechen ethnicity as the cause of the Boston violence is irresponsible.”

The Wrong Kind of Caucasian by Sarah Kendzior

“One of the most powerful implications of racial formation theory is that racial group membership is contingent and can change to fit the dynamics of Power in a given social and political moment.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokar Tsarnaev are reminders of the contingent status experienced by some white ethnics in America. Ultimately, if terrorism by white Chechens becomes a trend in the United States, they may find themselves traded away in a racial draft like the one featured on Chappelle’s Show.”

Are Chechens Really White?: Racial Formation Theory and the Boston Marathon Bombing by Chauncey DeVega

“Why not? If the State and the public have telegraphed their hand by obsessing over “dark-skinned” Arabs that are a caricature out of a bad 1980’s action movie, and the media and conservatives are willfully blind to white domestic terrorists in the United States, the preferred tactical choice is a clear one.”

“I Thought He was White You Know a Regular American”: The Boston Marathon Bombing Shows Us How White Privilege Hurts White People…Again by Chauncey DeVega

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#AccidentalRacist: The Week's Best Hits

nazi confederate flag

“Paisley’s fascination with confederate iconography is strange given that he was born and raised in West Virginia, a state that came into existence as an act of geographic protest against eastern Virginian secession. This inconsistency notwithstanding, at the beginning of “Accidental Racist,” Paisley sings that he “hopes [the black man] that waited on me at Starbucks…understands [that] when I put on that t-shirt, the only thing I mean is I’m a Skynyrd fan.” Paisley seems to have arranged his life in such a way that the only black person he encounters in the course of his daily life is one who receives wages to serve him. Of course, Paisley neither notices the predominately white character of his social life nor considers himself responsible for it.”

– Katie, Look Away, Look Away: Brad Paisley and the LIE of Accidental Racism

“The only aim of Reconstruction was to fix the South after the war. “We’re still sifting through the rubble” very clearly implies that things are still broken.

If that’s true … good. Don’t fight for the right to own slaves if you don’t want your part of the country burned to the ground. Surely Brad Paisley isn’t waiting around for someone to apologize for that, right?”

– From Cracked.com: The 10 Most Racist Moments From the Song About Ending Racism

“The worst part of the song, in a way, is the simple and extremely common, “the past is the past.” This statement does violence to all the people who are currently suffering precisely because of the past. The past is simply not over.”

– Jesse Curtis: Is Brad Paisley’s New Song Racist?

“The assumption that there is no real difference among black people is exactly what racism is. Our differences, our right to our individuality, is what makes us human. The point of racism is to rob black people of that right. It would be no different than me assuming that Rachel Weisz must necessarily have something to say about black-Jewish relations, or me assuming that Paisley must know something about barbecue because he’s Southern.”

– Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic Why Accidental Racist Is Actually Just Racist

“First, Black Culture is not a monolith, neither, for that matter, is Southern White Culture. It is harmful and a great disservice to a healthy and useful conversation to imagine that there is a universally accepted norm for any group of people, especially when that norm is based on race.”

– Ben Howard, On Pop Theology: Brad Paisley Tries To Heal Race Relations; Fails Spectacularly

“LL Cool J and Brad Paisley’s song is a narrative of false equivalence where the Confederacy’s (a white supremacist terrorist state) crimes against humanity can be compared to the still incomplete work of racial justice that began with the Black and Brown freedom struggles centuries ago, but was prematurely pronounced done and complete with Dr. Martin Luther King’s much misunderstood “I Have a Dream Speech.” “

-Chauncey Devega, The Accidental Racist and How to Write A Post-Racial Pop Song In the Age Of Obama

“I’ll leave you with what I feel is the penultimate activist song regarding race in America, “Strange Fruit” […] Written by a white man, Abel Meeropol, and sung most famously by a black woman, Billie Holliday, this song shows that sometimes racial differences come together to form something completely poignant. Some people are saying that Brad’s song is promoting discussion–and I agree–but it hasn’t really been promoting any discussion about race, has it? And wasn’t that the point?”

– Joseph Lamour, Racialicious, Let Me Break It Down For You: Brad Paisley’s Accidental Racist

“Misunderstood” white folks who identify with the white victimology offered up by the Tea Party GOP may buy the song. Good ‘ol buys in the South and elsewhere who do not necessarily like “the blacks,” but who feel that good white folks have gotten an unfair deal, because of course the Civil War “was not really about” slavery, may buy the song.

And Fox News viewers, as well as liberal racists, the hipster set especially, may come to an ironic alliance and take on LL Cool J and Brad Paisley’s song as an anthem.

Will the neo-Confederates who want to secede, and those others who identify with them, embrace “Accidental Racist” or will they reject it as liberal apologizing for something, i.e. slavery, that 1) ought not to have been ended and 2) was actually a boon for (white) civilization and (white) democracy?”

– Chauncey Devega, WARN, Who Is The Audience For LL Cool J’s And Brad Paisley’s Song ‘Accidental Racist’