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#Grimm: Organ Grinder

“We shall see the crumbs of bread…..and they will show us our way home again.”

This week’s episode of Grimm was the darkest and probably the best all around episode to date.  We open up with the image of a raven pecking, feasting on a corpse which had just been thrown overboard, into a river.  The raven, for those unfamiliar with the Brothers Grimm’s work, is a symbol for evil and wickedness, primarily from women (part of the residue 19th century Prussian liberal male sexism). Our usual suspects, Nick and Hank, are on the job, at the scene of the crime.

Next, we see Nick, going to Monroe (surprise surprise?) for advice, about his relationship with his significant other, Juliette.  Nick finally tells Monroe that Aunt Marie told him to break up with Juliette. Of course, this should bring out more of our suspicions. Is Aunt Marie right in this matter? And going back to last week’s episode, Of Mouse and Man, where there is a family spooked by the sight of Juliette, one has to wonder if she herself is not a Wesen (of course, that’s my take).

Hank and Nick take a look at the body, and find two holes in the neck of the victim. Sergeant Wu asks, “Anyone believe in vampires?”

Throughout the investigation, Hank and Nick discover the victims are usually homeless street kids, renting P.O. boxes., going to the free clinic, taking temporary employment opportunities. Hank summed up the situation: “Sounds like migrant labor.”

This modern day Hansel and Gretel re-telling stayed faithful to the original tale which begins as a story of economic oppression. When Nick and Juliette take Hanson and Gracie out to dinner, Gracie tells them, “It’s pretty simple. Our parents sucked.” Oh, but it’s still the mother’s fault. Don’t forget that. Women are evil. T.V. is always a good reminder of that. Thankfully, the big bad Wesen this week were not the center of the story (which they shouldn’t) but we met a Fuchsbau for the first time, a cat-like creature who sells dried up, grounded human organs for a price, and he begs Grimm not to kill him. Of course, this indicates that Marie and other past Grimms had a history of extreme violence and murder against the other Wesen. The other Wesen this week was a Geier, a witch-like troll, with a crooked beak. She seems to be the one behind the whole “free health clinic turned human organ selling cartel” scam. Enter Captain Renard: “Well which ever way you look at it, it’s still cannibalism.” And in a moment of truth and dark humor, Sergeant Wu corrects him “Uh, I think it’s pronounced capitalism.”

Nick, being so goodhearted, attempts to save the Geier, but she falls into a pit of fire (happens at the end of the actual Hansel and Gretel story too!). At end of this, Renard recieves a package, a box, with the Reaper emblem on it. It’s the ear he sliced off from another Reaper who tried to trespass on the Captain’s territory. A mysterious voice, speaking for “the Ferrat” (I can only assume to be the ruling council of Reaper warns Renard, “A Grimm on his own is like a Samurai with his Master.”

Renard counters that this one has a badge and conscience. Does that make all the difference, with Grimm’s family past history and all? Perhaps Renard is more complex than I first realized. Maybe he, like Nick, is a rebel against his own tradition, although Nick is not aware of it yet.

I just simply cannot wait for next week: Amy Acker (FRED FROM ANGEL) will be guest starring!!!


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Why Are Forbes Magazines' Writers So Racist?: A Look at the Top 1%

In what should be called “Forbes Hates Racial Minorities Week,” yesterday, John Koppisch wrote an EPIC, and by EPIC, I mean anything-but-groundbreaking racist propaganda against Native Americans. One brilliant commenter called Koppisch out on his B.S.: see in the comment section, dbartecchi’s response. It was informed educated, historically accurate, and written by a white person. **GASP**

Let’s take a look as some of these myths Koppisch is spreading, shall we? One Native American (the lone one interviewed for the article who obvious agrees with Forbes’ side–it’s called racial self-hatred), Yellowtail, says “We accept the myth of communalism. And we don’t value education. We resist it.” Now why in the world would Native Americans not value education for? Could it be that there was an epidemic of colonial violence, sexual abuse, and religious indoctrination at the missionary schools that is just now being uncovered?

Yellowtail’s hope is in his tribe to assimilate to Eurocentrism and the triumph of the religion of corporate capitalism over the traditional religious beliefs of the Crow tribe. The myth that neo-liberals and white supremacist crony-capitalism pushes is that the victims of history are where they are at in life due in large part to their own actions. There is no way that Andrew Jackson ordering the Trail of Tears, the removal of red (red being the racial construction of the dark bodies of Native Americans) bodies from their homes and placed on reservations, where the very worst land and water conditions were provided. The histories of the Native Americans, interconnected with the histories of all colonized peoples read like an open and shut case for Euro-centric thinkers like Koppisch:

“If everyone owns the land, no one does. So the result is substandard housing and the barren, rundown look that comes from a lack of investment, overuse and environmental degradation. It’s a look that’s common worldwide, wherever secure property rights are lacking—much of Africa and South America, inner city housing projects and rent-controlled apartment buildings in the U.S., Indian reservations.”

Wait, how did Africa become a symbol of lack in the first place? And South America? The Inner-city: imperialism, more than a century of racial segregation, but we don’t like to acknowledge those ugly details do we, Mr. Koppisch? For many Native Americans, because of their religious convictions, Vine DeLoria argues that their identity is tied to the land, and not the history of the left/right divide (God is Red, page 61). Crony Capitalism and racists would have us to believe that our religions must be defined by sets of objective belief, and this describes Native Americans conflict with the U.S. American court system (282).

The Native American religionists’ NO to proponents of “private property as prosperity” is a YES to the Spirit of Life, and creation, which respects the “universal planetary history” of all of creation. Tom Koppisch’s view represents the prevailing tribalist viewpoint, that our love for creation should submit to the economic decision makers of the world. But this should not be so, for just as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton argued, to deny religious freedom is to deny our equality before God.

But that’s the points of Corporatism, isn’t it? Capitalism, as libertarians and free marketers argue, has little need for notions of economic equality. Shoving lies down people’s throats, telling others that the victims in life (particularly the darker peoples) are lazy all the while the Powers that Be offer handouts to the Status Quo.

Should Christians Care About Racial & Economic Inequality?

This may seem like an easy question, but is it? There are some Christians who act like racism does not persist, or that there is no such thing as this or that oppressed class. Of course it’s our “free” choice to wallow in apathy, keep ourselves sheltered from the world, create our own little upper-little class Christian bubbles, hey how about a Christian massage parlor?

According to the Pew Research Center, the median wealth for households, in racial terms, post-housing bust, is Whites with $113, 149, while for blacks and hispanics, not even topping above $6400. These numbers continue to reaffirm what many already acknowledge, and what some willfully deny, and that is corporatism is racist. Even with raced-based affirmative action, economic inequality reign supreme even less than 200 years after chattel slavery has ended. Even with an African American president.

Remember this lady?

Um, no President Obama is not going to pay your mortgage. He doesn’t want to protect the rights of the working poor. Sorry. But 1 man cannot be in charge of the economy; to say so would be just ahem, teaparty ignorant.

Now comes word that the Department of Justice is suing Wells Fargo for preying on racial minorities. But is it already too late? And why should Christians care when we can retreat to Fort God?

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