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Sunday Funnies: Farewell, Pat Buchanan and Keith Olbermann #Misbehavin'

Apparently, God is answering some of my prayers lately. First this morning, I got word of racist MSNBC cutting its ties with Pat Buchanan.

Now, it looks like Keith Olbermann is on his way out at Current TV.

Honestly, I don’t like either creep. I vehemently disagree with most of what they say, and they are both angry bigots who should not have a stage.

You’re welcome.

Keith Olbermann 3
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On a lighter note: OUTSOURCED was cancelled

I love mockumentaries on t.v., especially Thursday nights with NBC’s The Office and Parks and Rec.

But one show I did not appreciate and had many many cultural issues with was OUTSOURCED. The jokes were not funny, and culturally, it was hierarchical (West over East, America over India). One of my closest friends claimed to have friends from India that enjoyed the show. Really? I just wonder how could they ever do so. I guess its the same way with black people who watch anything by Tyler Perry (there I go again, couldn’t help it).


Here is the scoop from RACIALICIOUS.


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Stupid Christian Pet Tricks: Blaming Technology for Our Own Sins

Have a problem getting closer to God? Blame it on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Don’t let that human responsibility and human choice thing get to you.  Find a scapegoat to blame.  Having a four-way affair, with your spouse, your office assistant and his spouse, it’s Facebook’s fault. Obviously.

Thank you Reverend Cedric Miller, for teaching the world a valuable lesson in this oh so dangerous world called the interwebs and BookedFace.  I am sure Christianity could use another hypocritical Christian going around preaching law & order legalism while scape-goating the latest technological fad all in the name of avoiding preaching repentance.  Speaking for the Church universal, we appreciate that; thank you.

I side with the ever vigilant yet ever-so-slightly wrong Joel on Social Networking; it is important for churches to reach out to the world in all possible avenues.  Technology is not the problem. We are.

So say we all.

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