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It Was a Dave Chappelle Skit First. Again.

nazi confederate flag

I own the two seasons of Chappelle’s Show, and they never cease to make me laugh. Dave’s genius has gone under appreciated, and in a way, many of his skits were prophetic. One case in point is his really really brief skit on the Gay KKK Klansman .

Chappelle’s skit was the first thing that came to mind when I read an interview shared original on a Facebook page, with a Russian Gay Aryan Skin Head (an organization that’s in its 20th year).

“We fight for everyone, not just for ourselves. We’re trying to clear this world of unnecessary people who aren’t worthy of this earth.”

Oh how lovely.

Meet Russia’s Gay Aryan Skinhead: “Finally” Bringing Homosexuality to the Neo-Nazis, by Nick Chester NOT SAFE FOR WORK & TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR RACISM, TRANSPHOBIA, AND MISOGYNY

As if Neo-Nazi/paleoConfederate ideology was not phallic enough already.

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