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Today is Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez at the Delano UFW rally.

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As a worker in the education system as well as being a Christian advocate of nonviolence and Christian justice, I am appalled by the move by the Texas State Board of Education to remove Chavez from history books.

I side with the UNITED FARM WORKERS in their push to make this day a nationally recognized holiday.

Here is an excerpt from President Obama, calling on Congress to recognize this peaceful resister:

“There is no doubt that Cesar Chavez is the most widely known Latino civil rights leader. Inspired by Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Chavez’s courageous non-violent fight for farm workers through boycotts, strikes, fasts, and rousing speeches led to pesticide-protective clothes, rest periods, clean drinking water, and other basic rights.

For more, see this link: HERE.

For more on Cesar Chavez, see the Cesar Chavez Holiday Coalition linked.

Please sign the petition to make this a federally paid holiday:


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Christmas celebrated publicly in Vietnam

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..

On Friday evening, history was made in communist Vietnam.

Christian sources reported that some 40,000 people gathered in a hastily constructed venue in Ho Chi Minh City to worship God, celebrate Christmas and hear a gospel message— an event of unprecedented magnitude in Vietnam.

A popular Vietnamese Christian Web site and other reports indicated up to 8,000 people responded to the gospel message indicating a desire to follow Christ.

To read more, here is the link to Charisma News Online