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A PJ Investigation: The Church of Scotteriology

Scott would have us to believe that his biblical studies blog is the best of progressivism has to offer from the great nation of Canada.

Fortunately, I have been doing some Encyclopedia Black detective-style research and several of Scott’s congregation members are upset with the tone of his sermons in recent months.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be going in depth, never revealing my sources, but giving a fair and balanced look at Scott’s homilies.

Among these spectacular sermons:

“Jesus Wears Prada, The Devil Wears Gucci”


“Fifteen Reasons Why I Would Not Allow the Kids from iCarly to Walk Through These Church Doors”

[p.s., from the grapevine, according to the children’s pastor, a group of kids ran out of the church crying after hearing reason #8. Shame on you, Scott!]


“All Dogs Do Go To Heaven and God Told Me that All LoLsCats go to Hell”


“Move Over Real Men of Genius, Here comes Real Men of Genesis: taking Genesis seriously and reading it literally the way Jesus did, and the way God intended when He wrote it as a science manual and a self-help directions guidebook for every aspect of our lives”

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On the Emerging Church Vs Evangelicalism

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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A close friend of mine who once considered himself emergent/emerging but is now a member of a mainline Protestant denomination once told me, “Emerging churches are doing what the mainline church has always done.”

How true. Al Mohler has recently picked up this notion.  I appreciate Mohler’s post because he mentions Gary Dorrien’s trilogy on Liberal Protestant Theology, starting here, since I did do a semester long independent study on these texts.

So how about we make a deal, okay?

How about we just admit that sometimes history seems circular,  and that evangelicals are playing the role of the early 20th century fundamentalists, ala Mark Noll’s work, and the emerging/emergent church are playing the part of the liberals of that time, okay?  Deal? Deal!

Mohler says, “Liberalism just does not work.” And I would add: “Neither does conservativism, for only the Gospel works.”

Now I wonder where I can find a W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington.

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An Update on Joel's EDUMACATION: Being A Seminarian

As you all may or may not know, our very own Joel Watts claims that he has been going to the great state of Ohio to receive a theological education.

Yes, Joel is learning about the Bible, but folks, but don’t let him fool ya with all that jibberish about making the trek to Ohio. I have it on good word that Joel makes the commute to California. In fact, here is video evidence.

Golden State Baptist College – A Week at GSBC from North Valley Baptist Church on Vimeo.

What A Place! Watch this video and take an inside look at “A Week at GSBC.”

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