Green Lantern Corps

Red Lanterns Volume 1: Blood and Rage

December 9, 2013 // 0 Comments

A few days ago, I purchased Red Lanterns Volume 1: Blood And Rage TRIGGER WARNING: VIOLENCE & BLOODSHED AHEAD and as always, SPOILER ALERTS I must give credit where credit is due. Optimist Chad first introduced me to the rebooted version of the Green Lantern lore, and I haven’t really looked by since. I like the idea that the stories cover the color spectrum, with each color representing an emotion.  My favorite is Red.  In Green Lantern The Animated Series, Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Armada are the Season 1 “Big Bad.”  One of the major players from the comics, Bleez, was unfortunately missing. Probably because her story is not that safe for children, or rather, it’s something parents should be talking to their kids […]

A Comic Fan Searches For A New Hero: Part 1, Green Lantern

October 2, 2013 // 0 Comments

Check out the introduction for background on this series of posts! The first stop on my journey to finding a new favorite superhero is to revisit the hero that had been my favorite for so long, Green Lantern. As mentioned in the introduction, I will be judging these heroes based on particular criteria, following a brief introduction to the character. Without further ado… Who is Green Lantern? Green Lantern, more than any other superhero,refers more to a position rather than a particular person. Having said that, the person most closely identified with the position is Hal Jordan, current Green Lantern of Earth (and has been, more or less, for 50 years). The Green Lantern Corps have been protecting the universe for untold millennia from threats both cosmic […]

Silver Surfer (1998): The animated series

July 9, 2013 // 0 Comments

I have always had an affinity for superheroes who were more grounded in realism, Batman and Spiderman specifically are the two I most admire. It wasn’t until Optimistic Chad got me interested in the lore of the Green Lantern that I started to notice more and more religious and political implications of comic characters who trsvelled more so in space. At the time, I have been the longest fan of the Silver Surfer (he and the Spider-family are all that remain of what I like about Marvel). Saturday, I had a complete day of rest where almost everything I did was comics related. I finished about 6 issues of Grant Morrison‘s Action Comics (the 15 total), and I will have a lot more to say […]

Razer The Red Nosed Lantern: A #GLTAS Christmas Carol By @giancarlo_volpe #DCNation

December 9, 2012 // 2 Comments

It’s been a long time since we’ve had parodies of songs on Political Jesus, so I thought I would share two versions of Razer The Red Nosed Lantern, the first from animator and producer Giancarlo Volpe. [he gave me permission to share via twitter] The second version is my own Bitter DC Nation fan version. Razer the Red Nosed Lantern (by Giancarlo Volpe): “Razer the Red Nosed Lantern had a very angry nose And if you ever saw it, you would say he has great rage in his heart All of the other Red Lanterns Used to laugh and call him names, They even told Atrocitus, To murder his Ilana dame Then one foggy Christmas Eve Hal Jordan showed him trust. “Razer with your nose […]

Savage Nerdery: Week 3 of DC’s new 52: Simulblog Reviews

September 24, 2011 // 0 Comments

The following is a simulblog. You can read about this week’s new DC Genesis from Josh Toulouse’s Fat-Train here, and from Justin Tiemeyer’s Caveman-Go here. If you chose, you can also read what Arthur the Lesser has chimed in with here. Here are the links to Week Zero,  Week One, and Week Two, with links to the others as well. This is week 3 of the new DCU relaunch,  I have to admit to a sense of unease coming into this week after last week’s so-so showing, but I was pleasantly surprised. Only 12 books this week (because Justice League will find its permanent slot here during the third week of the month after the initial reboot). May the God of comic books cause the […]