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No, Joel, Star Trek Was Not Christian At All.


Gene Roddenbury was a humanist and an a-theist.  Any interpretation of the original Star Trek outside of its source is being far to generous (yes, liberal) in its outlook. Time and again, the message in the series: humans have no need not any transcendent, higher power, but human reason and ingenuity to overcome our problems. So when Joel gladly announced with such optimism and naivety that Star Trek was Christian propaganda, I loll-ed. Poor Joel, he has no idea. Maybe he just does not know the difference between humanism and Christianity; not surprising coming from a progressive Christian.  Afterall, Joel does bow at the feet of Jar Jar Binks. 🙂

I think Amanda has it right. Deep Space Nine, the last great Star Trek series was far more friendlier to religion, as it dealt with notions of wealth, war, and leadership.

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