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The Ron Paulinization of Sarah Palin, part 2

Another Example

A domestic policy issue that came up in recent months was Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and how it was enforced.
Basically, same-gendered loving persons were kicked out of the military if outed. I just never understood why this policy was necessary. I’d prefer that Christians have to take loyalty oaths before joining the military service. Yes, I am serious.

First Ron Paul:

Favors traditional marriage between man and a woman.

Voted in favor of repealing DADT. In 1993, he voted in favor of it because, well, it was the 90s, and our politicians didn’t know what they were doing on any level. Democrats or Republicans. DADT was considered the “middle” way, you know, the radical center.

Now, Sarah Palin:

Like Ron Paul, holds to the traditional definition of marriage. But because she is “not going to be out there judging individuals, sitting in a seat of judgment telling what they can and can’t do, should and should not do,” she took the liberty position on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

The appropriate position that Paul and Palin have taken is to see the traditional marriage argument and inclusion in our military as two separate issues, and I would agree: marriage is pre-existent to the polis (the nation-state), the military is an establishment post-polis, (the nation-state).

Wisdom Wording of the Day!

Comes from Scotteriology:

Prejean’s fallen humanity is a good example of the gradation of sin in evangelicalism; it’s like a pyramid with homosexuality at the top, and as long as you’re not doing that then you’re OK. The separation of orthodoxy and orthopraxy in some cases becomes nothing more than what I commonly identify as modern evangelical neognosticism: I don’t have to practice anything I believe as  a standard that I would demand from others because I believe in the right standard. I can be freak and have all sorts of illicit sex, but as long as it’s not gay sex, and I believe I shouldn’t be having illicit sex… then I’m good. Build my mansion next to Jesus.

A timely quote, given my latest post.

Truth and Peace,

What they are looking for?

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