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South Carolina Black Church Now Owns KKK Museum

In what happens to be one of the epically hilarious stories I’ve read this year, in South Carolina (of all places–Miracles can happen) one Black church can claim a victory over the Ku Klux Klan. A Court ruled in favor of New Beginnings Church, which was given the deed to the Redneck Shop due to infighting within the SC KKK.

Hilarious. I love when drama plays out this way, just those awkward moments in our infamous legal system.

Hats off to The Washington Times.

Youtube Ups the video Limit to 10 hours; Whats the Worst that could happen?

Thanks to Mark Cortez, I have learned that the world will be thrown into utter chaos. Why?

Youtube.com has expanded the length a video can be, to 10 hours, up from what, 15 minutes?

Well, hey, at least I can get to work on that 3 hour blockbuster filled with Michael Bay effects. Sigh.

The downside: Christian Parodies can now go up for 10 hours; I can just see it now– the latest movie being parodied by a church. It just will not end.

Joel, Mean Spirited Liberal, Still the #1 Biblioblogger


Joel’s recent posts on the IRD has convinced its membership that he is a mean spirited liberal.¬†From the IRD facebook group. Oh, yeah:

A closer look:

But Joel isn’t liberal, he is nice, he is pretty, he is the Britney Spears of the Biblioblogging Community, and like Britney, he has made a come back of great enormity.

For the second month in a row, Joel’s Unsettled Christianity was just so typically him, and played your heart, got lost in the game. He’s not that innocent.

Here is his mean-spirited liberal message to that one Zwingli guy.