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Introducing the United Nations Peacemakers' Study Bible!

UN study bible

Finally, a Bible that suits my consumer needs. I’m a pacifist, and now I am excited to announce the introduction of the UN Peacemakers’ Study Bible, for those who believe in international peace movements and humanitarianism. Need a Bible full of quotes from Christian pacifists? This study bible has them, all the way from Tertullian to Menno Simos to John Howard Yoder. This study bible includes anti-war liturgies and and commentaries reflecting on the godly work that the United Nations does. The UN Peacemakers’ Study Bible contains special essays comparing American icons Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson to King David and King Solomon of Israel. Now you can have a Bible that reveals the true meaning of Scripture: to spread democracy and free market capitalism around the world!

Thank you Crossway, thank you for a providing a Bible that speaks to me, that’s all about my experience. No doubt the UN Peacekeepers’ Study Bible will out sell The Founders’ Bible, Patriot’s Bible, and the KJV Military Bible!

Worse Than The Patriot's Bible: David Barton's The Founders' Bible

At this point, I just don’t see any renewal of Christianity taking place in the United States without the demon of nationalism being exorcized. Three years ago, it was the The Patriot’s Bible oh that just so happened to be printed with the rise of the Tea Party. Now, just in time for the 2012 elections, we have the The Founders’ Bible brought to us by the same people who gave us William P. Young’s The Shack. If you wanna know how I feel about that book, just look at the very top header, and my series on that subject (spoiler alert: it’s not about its theology, but its view of humanity).

The Founders’ Bible will be promoting the idea that “America stands at the crossroads of human history, once revered and respected throughout the world for its exception­alism, a gleaming “city set on a hill” as a beacon of enduring freedom” and it now more than ever needed since America is a victim of so much persecution ( I call playing the Victim Card for $200, Alex). It’s gonna have propaganda articles written by “noted signature historian David Barton, the Founder and President of WallBuilders.”

This is so sad; as many scholars and thinkers have noted, David Barton continues to whitewash history, spread lies and propaganda all to profit for his Dominionist agenda. It’s disgusting to see Christianity in the USA become so desperate for leadership it has to rely on a lying propagandist. Shiloh Road Publishers makes me sick.

Joel Watts has also added his commentary on the subject.

Dominionist David Barton Continues To WhiteWash The History of Slavery

A Portrait of Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of...

The Color Of Thomas Jefferson’s Enemies

I have written on here before about the Christians who call themselves Dominionists, and who want to set up a Domination System in the name of Jeebus. In fact, I argued, given the Dominionist position on absolute “free” (free, for whom?) market capitalism being compatible with the Old and New Testament practices, that Dominionists have no choice but to support America’s enslavement of Africans (and Native Americans). David Barton is the most prominent figures in the Dominionist “Christian” political movement. In his mission to show us the “truth” of history, it has to go under some revision. Revisionist history, however, whether it is from the Left or Right, seems to come right before authoritarian governance. Barton’s latest propaganda piece is on Thomas Jefferson, aptly entitled, The Jefferson Lies. Why? Because its a book filled with Barton’s lies about Thomas Jefferson.

Everyone agrees, even Barton, that Jefferson denied the Bodily Resurrection as well as the Divine Sonship of Christ. So how does this make him Christian, then exactly in Barton’s view? What exactly is a Christian, if not a person who simply affirms these 2 beliefs? I have a feeling that Barton’s answer would be frightening. One of the best rebuttals against Jeffersonian democracy and his racist ideals came from a historian who lived closer to Thomas Jefferson’s day, David Walker. David Walker, in his Appeal to the Color Peoples of the World, cites history as the reason to defy 10th Amendment states’ rights conservativism, African enslavement, and racial discrimination. Like his Federalist contemporaries (Alexander Hamilton, for ex.), David Walker relies on the fall of ancient empires as lessons to be learned.

David Barton and others of his ilk would do well to read U.S. American history from the underside of history. It doesn’t take a committee to debunk Barton’s lies about racist Founder Thomas Jefferson; just a reading of texts by his own contemporaries.

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