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Female Bibliobloggers and the Top 50

Once again, a call has gone out encouraging more women to biblioblog.  I think I’m getting a little frustrated by this.  Why?

Because there are female bibliobloggers.  They may be in the minority, but they’re out there.

So why aren’t they on the top 50?  A couple of reasons:

1. The top 50 is not an accurate representation of biblioblog rankings.  If it was, Rachel Held Evans would be # 8 on the list.  Also, Elizabeth Scalia would be on the list (now granted, part of the problem with ranking Elizabeth Scalia’s blog is that it is over at Patheos, and Alexa can’t separate out the different blogs).  Evangel over at First Things would also be on the list, as it has several female bloggers contributing.  Internet Monk also has female contributors and would rank around # 22.  Parchment and Pen would be #6.

I suggest we drop this whole “you have to sign up” excuse.  Is it the Top 50 biblioblogs or not?  If it’s not, it needs to be retitled “Top 50 Biblioblogs of people who volunteered to be on the list.”

2. The majority of the female bibliobloggers that I read wouldn’t make the Top 50 because their Alexa ranking is too low to be counted.  So it’s not that there is only a handful of female biblibloggers out there, it is that there is only a handful of female biblobloggers who generate enough traffic to rank in the top 50.

Solution:  Let’s find ways to send some of these fine ladies some more traffic so that their numbers can rank.

Grrr.  So ends my rant.