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Inerrancy: Which methodologies? Who Decides?

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So unfortunately, I was unable to make it to Baltimore for the American Academy of Religion meeting. Apparently two other academic organizations, something called SBL and theEvangelical Theological Society also meet at the same time. Apparently there was a debate between a few evangelical leaders and Pete Enns, and I thought Michael Bird’s questions were right on the money, the same inquiries I have been asking:

““Which methodologies and who decides?” My complaint has always been that many inerrantists preach the inerrancy of the text but practice the inerrancy of their interpretation. In other words, inerrancy is not just about scripture, but about setting up fence posts against certain interpretations of scripture.”

You can find the rest of Bird’s thoughts here.

As for my post on inerrancy as white evangelical folklore from so long ago, I don’t really think I can say it better than Jim West.