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TV's Angel & Biblical Interpretation


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Today as I was watching a few episodes of (ANGEL 1999) on the DVR, in an episode entitled DESTINY, from Rutherford Kirk, who is mocking the hero of the show Angel for reading a religious text (the Angel ‘verse mythical Shanshu Prophecies):

“You read a translation of the prophecy. It’s like comparing the King James Bible with the original Aramaic or Hebrew. Much of the flavor, the subtlety of usage, the historical context has been stripped away. “Read the prophecy”. You may as well have read a 12-year-old’s book report on the subject.”

This quote got me thinking about the whole slew of Christians out there trying to push English Standard Onlyism to replace the King James version. Adding the original Greek to the above quote, and presto-change-o, it’s what the doctor ordered.

Only, I do not know why I would make a 12 year old read the ESV; maybe as punishment.


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Trusted By The Savior: A New Marketing Campaign for the LXX

Mark Stevens and T C Robinson are bemoaning the English Standard Version-onlyist movement’s latest attempts to win over the heart of evangelical Christianity.

But rather than waste my time complaining about a rather dishonest marketing ploy, I am going to one up them.

Today begins the start of a new marketing strategy.  I want to bring back the Septuagint, with the motto, “Trusted by the Savior.”  Wouldn’t you want to read the Bible that Jesus read, rather than any of these phony books posing as sacred scripture?

The LXX: Trusted by the Savior.

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