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Now an NRSV-onlyist with A New Bible Translation: The Voice

Two months ago, our praise band director used a version of the Bible at our 6:00pm contemporary service. I had never heard of it, but what stood out to me was instead of using the title “Christ” from the greek christos, the version translated the title as “Liberating King.”  I was of course intrigued by this usage of this questionable translation.  Christ means just Chosen/Annointed One, and in the Hebrew Bible, prophets, kings, and priests received annointing so at first, I was put off by the accuracy.  I decided however to purchase a copy. Fortunately because Mardel Christian stores appeal only to conservatives who act like ESV and NIV onlyists, I found a copy of The Voice in the clearance aisle for $5.

Although I am admittedly (and jokingly) an NRSV-onlyist, I read The Voice from time to time and use it for children’s messages and church occasionally.  I would recommend The Voice for anyone wishing to re-read the New Testament from a post-modern perspective while holding to orthodox theology.  The Hebrew Bible is not finished yet, but The Voice of Psalms is available. You can rest assure I will be making a rare trip to Cokesbury to use my student discount to buy that one as well.


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Suzanne on ESV Onlyism

In undergrad, King James Version onlyism was all the talk. Now, its replacement in Calvinist and evangelical circles, the English Standard Version is taking the Authorized Version’s place.   Suzanne has a few reflections on this trend.  Also, of note, over at , Church Discipline, there are several post listed to how popular the ESV is in conservative reformed and evangelical congregations.