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Love Your Neighbor Is A Pithy Slogan #TheNewPacifism

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English: Vectorized Southern Baptist Convention logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple of months ago, the incoming Southern Baptist leader on ethics Russell Moore, celebrated the end to the (false) myth of the South as Bible Belt and the capitol of Moral Majority America. Moore contended (and I agree), that the end of this myth is “bad for America, but it’s good for the church.”  But the “badness” really is only temporary in a Kingdom-oriented view of Christianity.  It can open up space for renewal, for evangelicals and mainliners alike to rethink the culturally hegemonic ways that they exist in a pluralistic USian society.  So, as a fellow Baptist (general & Southern), I agree with Moore’s approach.  It is “The church’s” [local congregations in the free church/baptist view] job to teach and disciple believers (men and women, young teenage girls AND BOYS) about marriage and sexuality. 

I realize that not every Christian will agree with my views or Moore’s approach to how church’s should function.  I found this commentary on the Wall Street Journal interview, um, interesting. That the notion of loving our LGBTQIA neighbors is a PITHY SLOGAN in the eyes of dominionists like Rick Scarborough and his supporters is more than a little troubling.  Churches must wrestle with what they have gone wrong from within when it comes to marriage/singleness/sexuality issues before it even attempts to learn the “WORLD” from without.  This is just simply another example of Dominionism‘s awful ecclessiology.


Also, neighborly love is more than a “pithy slogan”; I am pretty sure it is the primary demand from Christ Jesus in the Gospels. But that could just be me.


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So you still don't believe Dominionism exists do you?

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A Christian flag, designed by Charles Overton in 1897 to represent Christians of all denominations. Proportions after http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/rel-chr.html. Colours after the flag of the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When articles and blog posts about Dominionism/Christian reconstructionism [basically, empire and domination in the name of Jesus for short] started to come out a few years ago, detractors would claim “it’s just a liberal conspiracy theory to keep conservative Christians out of politics.” An argument that would win at derailment bingo if any. The investigations done by Jeff Sharlet have debunked that argument, and I just wanted to point out his recent report “Ditto Boys” about how one evangelical college in the West Coast is a training ground for future Dominionist players. Here’s a sample:

“I’ve heard from some students that [Coe] discourages the name ‘Jesus Christ,’” Enroth continued, “that he tells students, ‘Don’t use the two terms, Jesus and Christ, together. Just refer to Jesus.’ Jesus minus the Bible, in a sense. They don’t like the word Christian. There’s a reluctance to identify with mainstream Christianity. There’s a sense of spiritual elitism. The Fellowship tells young people this is a way to be closer to God, closer than they can get within Christianity.”

I would encourage to read the rest of the article, but I have pointed out before, the Christology of dominionist Tea party politics deemphasizes many of the claims of Christ’s divinity, and is very much in the deist tradition of Thomas Jefferson. (Thus, the “Founders'” exaltation in those circles)

Another blog post worth noting is Peter Kihyun Park’s “Should we keep the flags or remove the flags at church?”, which is timely considering the 12th anniversary of 9/11/2001.

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The Costs Of Governor Rick Perry's Special Sessions #txlege

Rick Perry presidential campaign, 2012

Rick Perry presidential campaign, 2012 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How about a not so brief history of the special sessions that Rick Perry has called, shall we?










Rick Perry is a proud fiscal conservative: no doubt, a label that has lost ALL meaning relative to every politician who claims to be one and their very own records. Aside from saving Christmas (oh glory hallelujah!), Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst couldn’t pass any bill that they wanted to push through (oh their “compromise” on redistricting). So, at the behest of his corporate overlords, Rick Perry wants to have mandatory sentencing for 17 year old (life in prison with the possibility of parole) and have another wasteful, porkbarrelling highway bill. Pet projects, and construction companies competing I mean stealing tax payers’ hard earned money will be a number one priority, but hey, FISCAL CONSERVATIVE! That’s our governor, uh hummmm!

The sad part is, what should have been a special session over infrastructure and much needed roads in various areas of Texas was ended because Rick Perry’s desire to fire up his voting base. SB5 was not about protecting innocent life; the GOP senators didn’t even know the difference between a rape kit and an abortion clinic! Such profound incompetence is found all over the capitol, citywide, but it starts at the top, the reign of Perry and Dewhurst. Should it be a symbol of pride that Rick Perry is breaking gubernatorial records by calling his 11th special session? Does he not realize that the Texas Constitution made the legislative sessions short for the very purpose of LIMITING the state government’s power? Between the special sessions, imposing an HPV vaccine requirement on teenage girls and the continual sacrificial system of the state death row (500 executions since 1982)
, Rick Perry is actually THE best example of big government spending and interference.

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