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Today Was Wonder Woman Day!?

Wonder Woman as she appeared in the 2009 anima...

Wonder Woman as she appeared in the 2009 animated film Wonder Woman, voiced by actress Keri Russell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DC Comics has yet to announce a live-action television series or film for Wonder Woman but that does not mean there is not a demand to see more Wondy.  In San Antonio, one comic book shop is auctioning art work for anti-domestic violence charities.

h/t to Bleeding Cool for the story.

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Open Thread: That Was Supposed to be a #Debate on Foreign Policy?

If this debate was supposed to be about foreign policy, how come they kept going off topic?

Subjects that kept getting mentioned:

1. How much Mitt Romney loves teachers.

2. When Mitt Romney will start his trade war with China.

3. How Mitt Romney and President Obama will revive the economy

4. President Obama having to defend RomneyCare from Romney.

Did I leave out anything? Did this debate really focus on foreign policy?