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#DoctorWho: The Snow Men

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Christmas was the first time I got to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special on BBC America.  As some of my friends commented, a lot of things were happening in this episode, The Snow Men.  One thing I know is that the Doctor  is married, but he keeps having all these romantic relationships with his Companions, but at the same time, family is supposed to be this really really important thing on the show. This shipping and the whole theme of family is really taking away from the science fiction and horror aspects of the show.   I found the episode very entertaining, even in spite of the lack of a plot.

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More Than Just A Television Show: Thoughts On Being A Pop Culturalist

On The Twitter and the blog, I have gotten a lot of push back about my feelings about Doctor Who, and various other fandoms. One friend wrote me, “it’s just a t.v. show, it’s just a t.v. show.”

Well, what is a pop culturalist? In short, a pop culturalist is just someone who is well read, and watches a lot of television/listens to a whole lot of music, and sees how big theoretical ideas are translated for the everyday person who may or may not have time to read Foucault, Derrida, or Fanon. More than just a play or a t.v. show, these things are cultural mediums that export values, whether it be from a writer or an advertiser. Fandoms are critical not only in that they drive the market for specific genres of television shows (whether it be horror or sit-coms) but also because fan bases seek to bear the values taught by these programs.

If ethics is inseparable from religious reflection, then being a pop culturalist may be the obligation of all religious persons. I think that James Hal Cone had it right in Black Theology and Black Power, that theology ultimately means an overturning values, it’s just a matter of who’s values we are talking about! For me, being both a fan and a critic helps me to be myself as a Christian Blerd, while at the same time, resist those values which I see as anti-thetical to liberating the oppressed.