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In this week’s episode, Greenwalt and company borrowed images from the Brothers Grimm story, The Queen Bee. I obviously missed the Disney movie on that one. Anyhow, it seems like an interesting story and someday I may read the original Grimm stories I have never even heard of. I keep thinking that this show is a reminder, with a little bird flying above my head chirping, “Someday you will have to re-learn German for a PHD program. German German German.”


Now, to this week’s episode of GRIMM. After reading some previews, I had a very different idea of what this particular episode was going to be about, hopefully a take on gender and such. But, to my surprise and delight, the show was not what it advertised tonight.

Another ANGEL similarity immediately appeared within the first 5 minutes of the episode; a tall tower occupied by an all white, law firm with the propensity for evil is the set for the center of the drama.Insert the one token lawyer joke here. Wolfram & Hart, anyone? Anyhow, the episode takes place first with a female lawyer being murdered by a flashmob on the subway. Her wounds are that of apitoxin, the natural toxin made by bees that causes our bee stings to swell up. Grimm gets suspicious and visits a professor who also happens to be a beekeeper, and who just happened to BEE (hahahah, I know) returning from a conference of bee scholars. To add to Grimm’s and Hank’s confusion, the flashmob has the same alibi. They all met on twitter, and they claimed to want to have fun with strangers.

Grimm goes to the trailer to do research (ala Angel and his investigations in the sewer–hint hint) and learns of the existence of Mellifers, or people who have some of the physical and social characteristics of bees. Their constant communication via Twitter and other social media was a part of their clarion habits. In the words of my favorite character Eddie, “It’s just some fancy pants mumbo jumbo for saying they just like to gossip alot.” Things get complicated when Nick and Hank are ordered to protect Adalind Schade, who Nick has identified as a Hexenbiest, aka, an evil murderous witch. At the conclusion, Nick is put into a situation where he has to ultimately decide whether to let the Queen Bee and her hive kill Schade, or to do his job, and protect his enemy.

Prior to the close of “BEEWARE,” The Mellischwuler (the Queen Bee), played by Nana Visitor (Colonel Kira from DS9!), warns Nick, “He’s coming for you.” “Beware, it’s close.”

I think that this episode is a dark tale that could serve as an allegory of the function of social media in our lives, and how destructive ugly rumors, facebook & twitter statuses are. In addition, there are flashes of how complex our moral choices can be, given our residing in multiple identities. Nick is a police officer sworn to protect the public, but he is also a Grimm with the task of ridding the world of bad monsters (but keeping the good ones like Eddie). As the police force was tracking the Twitter message and it’s location, Sargent Wu joked, “Of course I can, I’m Asian.” His race has nothing to do with his ability to master technology, but the idea of the construction of race in the formation of our identities, especially with stereotypes and social roles, is there out in the open. Something no doubt the writers wanted us to BEEWARE of.