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On @DCComics Firing Topselling #BatGirl writer Gail Simone: Gender & Geek culture Again

Gail Simone

Gail Simone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I received word of the depressing news last night that Gail Simone had been fired as chief writer for the DC Comics New 52 Batgirl. Batgirl was a part of my stack (when I could afford it) and I plan on just purchasing Simone’s run (two story arcs) when they are published as graphic novels; the first is already available: Batgirl New 52 Volume 1: The Darkest Reflection.  I don’t know what Simone’s plans are next, but here is her own words on what took place.

And now for my take. This decision does not make any sense to me in the least. I took the news hard, and was deeply saddened that the one comic book series I was interested in was losing its writer. According to The Comics Chronicle, Batgirl was ranked 17th overall in terms of individual titles, above Iron Man, Dead Pool, Catwoman, Walking Dead, and Nightwing: see the rest of the numbers here Comic Chron November 2012. This was not a money decision by any stretch. This choice was based on power, and dare I say it as an individual speculating, male power. The tale of Barbara Gordon [in Simone’s rendering] (which I plan to blog on in the far future, perhaps sometime next year) was the story of a superhero overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Perhaps the idea that a hero could have vulnerabilities and have her suffering from the past actually live in her memory was a bit too much for the heads at DC. DC Comics is not looking too good right now, just last week with Karen Berger of Vertigo Comics leaving DC Entertainment (Vertigo is DC comics more oriented towards a mature audience).

It seems to me that in the world of science fiction and fantasy, that although we have writers and artists that invite us to stretch our imagination and challenge what we believe is possible, for some strange reason, our imaginations seem to be determined by and therefore limited by, our gender and racial biases. I know I have written this time and again, but it needs to keep being restated, people do not share the same idea of what is “realistic”/realism versus fantasy, because there is no universal human experience. Yes, we are all human, that is universally true, but what it means to be human, that is up for debate, and falls into the realm of religion, philosophy, and politics. Right now, given the trend downward, DC Comics’ vision of what humanity looks like is exclusive of strong women resisting objectification.

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Have #YoungJustice & #GLTAS Been Cancelled?: Some Red Lantern Blerd Outrage #DCNation

The power of the crimson red

Can lead your soul away from dread

And heal the deepest wounds of hate

Let no one else decide your fate


I just have to let out my rage right now. First of all, I had no idea that Greg Weisman, the creator of Gargoyles was also the producer for Young Justice.  Even though I still need to watch his The Spectacular Spiderman, for all intents and purposes, Weisman’s work in science fiction and fantasy had excellent writing and diverse casts. Young Justice, being lead by a black guy for the first season? #WINNING. #DCNation has a huge following on Saturday mornings, and now The Cartoon Network, as it did with Adult Swim‘s The Boondocks as well as the ThunderCats reboot, is about to make a lot of fans angry once more.

Instead of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, DVRs recorded the How to Train Your Dragon cartoon, all because Cartoon Network wants to have a month long birthday celebration. Sounds like a spoiled kid if you ask me!

This came without warning, and I was really looking forward to procrastinating, breakfast, and DC Nation before I have to go to work. Now, I am considering joining a letter writing campaign to bring these two shows back. I just need to know where to start.

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Black Lightening is getting a reboot, While Marvel is Rebooting as well

You are probably wondering why I changed my AVI to another avatar with Black Lightening, only this time side by side with some blue genie like dude. Well, yesterday on Independence Day, DC Comics announced that that Black Lightening and Blue Devil are getting paired up for what looks to be like an odd-couple buddy cop super-hero experiment of 5 issues.

I am excited, so this means in October my pile will probably increase by one. I am hoping for a better story than BatWing; I just have a problem with white superheroes being teleported to Africa, and then given no personality. Being an observant of pop culture, I know the odds are not in the favor of people of color, and that’s why I’ll keep blogging on it. Maybe buddying up with some strange mythical creature is the way to go, to market to a broader audience. I am more hopeful about the return of BL than BW.

Anyways, DC, good going, and enjoy the free marketing from me via my avatars:

Oh did you read about that Marvel is rebooting its Universe like DC did with the New 52? Imitation is a form of flattery, they say.

Marvel NOW reboot: From Pop Watch