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The Parable-Driven-Life: Lazarus and The wealthy C.E.O.

A Targum (a retelling of a known story, adding in contemporary detail)

“There was once a wealthy C.E.O. who always dressed in tailored suits, wore a rolex, often took his private jet to work, and dined at the finest restaurants every night.

Not one block away from his high-rise office was the place where a poor man named Lazarus used to live. His home had been in foreclosure for months, due to predatory loans, his interest rate rising although national rates were falling, and hasty and illegal foreclosure practices. His crisis began in earnest when the wealthy C.E.O. outsourced his job, even though it wasn’t union, to a factory in China, whose workers were paid less than a living wage, worked for brutal hours, and where the C.E.O. did not have to worry about health, safety, or age restrictions for workers.

Lazarus would come by the office of the wealthy C.E.O. most every day in order to perhaps just get a chance to talk to the C.E.O. face to face and make him see what what was happening to people. But the C.E.O. always saw him first, and told his driver to park around back, so he didn’t have to engage “those people.”

It happened soon enough that Lazarus passed away. A special messenger from God came and took him, body and soul to a nice, comfy home that he could enjoy.

About this time, the Wealthy C.E.O. also passed away quite unexpectedly. Buried in the ground near one of his factories, the chemicals from factory runoff eroded his coffin and ate away at his body. Puzzled as to why he was not in heaven, he was given sight beyond sight and saw the poor Lazarus in his comfortable skyward home.

He yelled out to the messenger, ‘Hey! Come here for a second. I can’t help notice that that poor guy up there isn’t doing anything. I remember him, he was always lazy, looking for a handout. Well, tell him to get off of his butt and give me some water so I can wash this toxic crap off of me. Its starting to sting.’

But the messenger said, ‘Sir, don’t you remember all the good things you had in your life? Well, when that poor man (Lazarus is his name, by the way) was alive, contrary to your opinion, he did work hard, and the system you built kept him down. But now it is time for things to be put right. He is comforted, and since you got your comfort already, we’ll leave you to your own devices now.

Besides, while you were alive, you made sure to make a large gap between him and you, and only addressed him when you needed him. So that you can’t use him at your beck and call and then throw him away again, there is now a large gap between you and him in reverse. Sorry about that.’

Then the C.E.O. said, ‘Well, could you at least make poor-boy get up and talk to my fellow C.E.O.s, so that they can fix this problem before it is too late?”

The messenger replied, ‘Most of them go to church. They already know better. Its not like the founder of your religion was ambiguous about this stuff.’

The C.E.O. said, ‘No, you’re right; but if someone were to come back from the dead and tell them, they would listen!’

The messenger, motioning with his hands just enough so that the C.E.O. could see scars on both sides of his wrists, said, ‘Trust me. Even if someone came back from the dead, they wouldn’t do a damn thing differently.’”

A Practical Program for Guaranteeing Corporate Overlordship

“And wage slaves, obey your corporate masters with fear and respect, giving up your right to organize and negotiate. Submit yourselves to them not only to move up on the ladder of meritocracy, but obey the laws of Big Business just as you were loving god.

And corporate overlords, be mindful to undermine any call for economic justice, and remain diligent in firing black people first, and hiring them last.”– A modern day CEO’s reading of Ephesians 6:6-9

Yesterday, Mitchell suggested A Practical Program of Disenfranchisement: A 10 Step Plan to Save American Democracy By Dismantling it.

Among the people who should not be allowed to vote, for Mitchell: “Government employees”; “Those who do not pay taxes. If you do not pay taxes, or if your unemployment benefits or government aid or earned payincome credit or other need-based government aid outweigh the amount of taxes you pay, you have no right to have access to government violence against those who do pay taxes”; and most importantly, “People with children in public schools. People with children in the public schools have chosen not to take personal responsibility for the education of their own children, and instead have handed them over to the care of the taxpayer, at a cost of $10,000 per child”

I say that Mitchell did not go far enough; I would like to include an additional 10:

1. People who receive Social Security, Medicare or Medicare/ Obviously, these people are the bane our existence, and God Himself disapproves of all public resources for helping the poor.

2. People who send their children to private and charter schools, which depend upon subsidies, city-wide lotteries, and tax breaks for their schools. The free market should be free. This government interference is uncalled for, and breaks all of God’s laws.

3. Any employee of a bank that received money from the federal government bailouts. Don’t really have to explain that one.

4. Farmers in Minnesota and Iowa who have their crops subsidized by the federal government. This is a form of socialism and should be repealed.

5. The millions of students who owe the federal government (no longer private banks) a gross amount of their income in student loans. If you can’t afford to go to college, do not go! And dismantle the Department of Education. Enough is enough.

6. All prison employees who work with death row on the federal level.

7. All citizens of the United States who currently do not live in a border state. You don’t know what it’s like to deal with immigration politics and populations, so you shouldn’t have a vote in the matter.

8. Big time millionaires like Jerry Jones who raise a city’s taxes just so they can have a private enterprise like a football stadium on the backs of the poor.

9. NBA Commissioner David Stern.

10. The biggest recipients of government welfare: our nation’s veterans and soldiers. Let’s get rid of all of those G.I. Bills, return to the military draft, and pay our Armed Forces minimum wage, which there wouldn’t be any since all minimum wage laws would be stripped from our law books. No health benefits, no free college education. Just a pay check, and our love.

Can This Libertarian Support #OccupyWallStreet?

First, let me just say, I stand in solidarity with our Native American sisters and brothers, in their anti-colonial critique of Occupy Wall Street, that this nation’s very foundation is occupation, and remains so. What didn’t some as a surprise is the Main Stream Media’s demonization of the protesters, including the “progressive” New York Times.

I especially like this statement from the Declaration of Principles of Occupy Wall street:

“They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.

They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad.”

See more here: Declaration of the Occupation of New York City Occupy Wall Street.

Wall Street continues to remain the great economic symbol of American corporatist greed; and that legacy of slavery, where the U.S. was created on the backs of slaves, well, still remains true: see the African foundations of New York. And what population has the greatest percentage of unemployed? Oh, yah….

While a number of Tea Partiers feel threatened by the competition, I feel the more nonviolent political action, the better. Nothing like protests to get your theological juices flowing.