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Taking a Vacation

I have decided to take a vacation. From criticizing President Obama. And I am sick of hearing criticism from conservatives being very partisan, about the President going on vacation. Umm, real family values is about spending time with your family! And the sabbath is made for humanity, remember?

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has asked for permission from the black community to let the Congressional Black Caucus criticize the President.

A more demonstrative and symbolic criticism is coming from Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, with their nationwide poverty tours.

With black leadership finally opening up their eyelids, I am taking a break.

Until we go to war in Syria.

Cornel West's Democracy and Cleveland Browns football?

Lately, in our African American Political Theologies course, we have been discussing the work of one of my favorite political/organic intellectuals, Cornel West of Princeton University. I may not personally agree with some of West’s politics, but I enjoy his work and insights into American tradition and society. In his prolific essay, “”The New Cultural Politics of Difference”, West discusses a few challenges to the progressive political tradition of freedom, individuality, and democracy (which to West means the popular accountability of public institutions). Of the three challenges to democratic and libertarian projects, West highlights intellectual, existential, and political challenges to artists and scholars who wish improvise in order to work towards decolonization and resisting hegemony.  Interestingly, one of the existential problems that we (the Resisters! Ha!) face is the taking of the option of Going At It Alone, whereby those on the margins embrace a total rejection of the malestream and  appeal only to in-group activism.

What does this have to do with the Cleveland Browns? Well, as a Dallas Cowboys and Cincinatti Bengals fan, it has been quite amusing watching the reactions of Browns’ fans as they decry their horrendous college team.  One group of extremist fans decided to protest tonight’s Monday Night Football game, asking for a short boycott in the stands so that the cameramen and women could highlight their absence; being late would be a sign of protest and disgust on the part of the fans.  The movement did gain some traction, and some of the leaders even were interviewed by radio and t.v. stations.  But alas, the Going it Alone approach once again proves to be a failure. The Dog Pound was full.  The City of Cleveland remains embarassed by their squad. The Browns lost the game, scoring exactly zero touchdowns or field goals or safeties, for a total of zero points, on less than 170  yards of total offense. Ravens won, 16 to 0.


Perhaps democracy does not work in some instances.



Truth and Peace,