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Big Changes Need To Take Place at the Biblioblog Reference Library

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In a rare moment of agreement Jim West, I think that there needs to be something done about the Biblioblog Reference Library as it currently stands.

Sometime back, Joel and a small group of bloggers decided to write on the same day a post about our new copyright policies. This was seen as necessary for us because there was a “blogger” who was trying to steal our posts in the guise of a “ministry” blog, but would repost our articles word for word. This was a breech on intellectual property rights as well as working against our Creative Commons License. Here is a link to our Permissions Policy, which says

“Without Our Permission

You are free to do the following without my permission:

Link to our site or any specific post on our site.
Extract and re-post less than 200 words on any other site, provided you link back to the original post.
Print off our posts and photocopy up to 100 copies for internal distribution within your own company or organization.

Unfortunately, the Biblioblog Reference Library stands in violation of this policy. I would suggest that the Librarian find a way to link to the original post without taking away the blog’s hits. Also, rather than posting the whole post, post only part of them, and then have a read more at such and such site. It may take time to make such changes, but I must insist they should be made, in accordance with a number of Permissions Policies.


Joel has posted on this matter as well.

Consider Us Copy Protected

Joel has alerted us theo-bloggers to the risks of not having a permissions policy or copyright. He linked to Michael Hyatt who has given some sound advice. While there are good hearted people out there, especially our Political Jesus audience, there are some folks who would take free content and try to capitalize off of it (sorta like the prosperity gospel-yah, I went there). Michael also has a model permissions policy, and the Political Jesus Collective, aka, The Joss-pel Coalition, has followed his and Joel’s lead.

Take note: on the left hand side of the screen (for now), is our Creative Commons license, and at the top with all the other pages is our new PERMISSIONS POLICY.

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