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Now Available: MoodThingy for blogs

Chad suggested that we add Moodthingy, for those who don’t want to comment but to give feedback, so I added it. You can now find it on the bottom of the post.

Also, we have added a Mobile Theme for your Smart Phone’s pleasure, you just have to be part of the Alliance (Firefly reference). You can guess the color.


You can find Moodthingy here.

EDIT: Moodthingy has been replaced by REACTION BUTTON. More choices, and I can edit the questions when I want.


Now, with a new warning label

There seems to be some confusion among newer members of our audience, and I just wanted to make a few more clarifications, so I decided to add a “warning label of sorts” on the ABOUT POLITICAL JESUS page.

It reads as follows (Chad/Amanda, if there are any changes that need to be made, please let me know):


WARNING LABEL–This is an online community meant for the purpose of Christian spiritual reflection, theological experimentation, as well as creating a space for thinkers who wish to engage in anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-kyrarchical (sexist), and non-violent forms of religion.


Please feel free to comment.

My goal is to respond to every comment on the posts that I write.

I know from our Blogstats that we have a lot of readers but our comments seem to not be showing that. I am sure this is the case for all blogs, the number of readers outnumbering commenters.

Don’t be shy.

Speaking of which, if your comment does not show up, it may be because the server has sent it to either spam or moderation-limbo, in which, be patient, for I inspect both on occasion. Plus, there is only one person whose comments here beg for moderation, and that is because he owes me an apology for misconstruing my positions on his blog that’s not even about biblical studies (even though others claim it is).


Here here are the very very generous COMMENTING and PERMISSIONS policies.