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T.V. Series Review: South Park Season 15 (so far)

And you thought that we were mature!

Well, at least Chad and Amanda are, but I’m not. I just had to say something about the first two episodes of the latest season of South Park. I have made no qualms about my dislike for Apple Computers and Tyler Perry. In fact, on my “things I am more likely to rant about list,” the arrogance of MacBook users and the popularity of Madea movies are tied at the very top. However, I do not have to work so hard anymore. Last week’s season premiere, “HumanCentIPad”, basically gave the same critique I have given to crApple for a while, only South Park took it to the extreme, but got its point across. Not to be out done Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks when it came to taking shots at Madea/Black culture, Trey Parker and company did a pretty decent job of showing why Token was addicted to Madea movies and plays.

Sigh. If South Park continues down this path, this could perhaps be the best season, like ever.

Mark Stevens' TNIV Giveaway

Mark Stevens is giving away a Today’s New International Version Reference Bible or Study Bible.  I have no need for another study bible, but I would like a reference version of the TNIV, for I do not even have that translation.

I would like to (fictitiously) quote John Piper on the progress that the TNIV has made:

“Without the NIV2011 Bible, I could not see the glory of God. For the NIV2011 is the very glory of God.  God has predestined the NIV2011 to replace the English Standard Version of the Bible in Evangelical circles.  It is for his glory that the NIV 2011 He use this version of Scripture to teach his Elect.  Not only will this Bible be the version I use for Scripture memory but also meditation, exegesis, and sermonizing myself out of my sabbatical.  God in His sovreignty purposed Christians around the world to avoid purchasing the TNIV to make it so unpopular that it was exposed as the evil it was.  He  did this so he could could glorify the god-fearing manly, real men to translate the English Bible in its most accurate form today. For that, I am going to commend the NIV 2011.”