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To @Oatmeal : Bartolome De La Casas Was Not A Hero #ColumbusDay


In fact, Bartolome De La Casas first introduced the idea of “relieving” the Indigenous people groups in the Americas of oppression by replacing them with Africans. “Recant” we can say Bartolome did of advocating slavery itself, but you can not retract the birth moment of White Supremacist mythology. Much of the case he made for why Africans were superior slaves (darker skin, more submissive, naturally more ‘athletic’) remain the foundation of anti-black/ White Supremacist practices today. One could say De La Casas was the New World’s first white supremacist progressive ally!

Two Ways to Celebrate the life of Christopher Columbus

Today marks my annual Columbus Day sound off. For my first year blogging, I just pointed to Brown University which chose not to recognize Columbus Day any more. The very next year, Resisting Hero Worship and Idolatry: Protesting Columbus Day, Honoring Native Americans was written.

This year, I wanted to do a little something different. I want to share 2 ways that you can celebrate Columbus Day:


And secondly,

Listen and dance to this video, because you know I can’t: