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Postcolonialism and the Next Empire: China?

Recently, I have been watching the great t.v. show on DVD, The West Wing, and I came across the classic Thanksgiving episode in Season 2, “Shibboleth.”  In it, there is a discussion about American greatness, religious freedom, and Chinese regulations on religion and spirituality.  I sometimes wonder to myself what will become of the future of post-colonial studies.  What will our interpretations of history and power look like. I have a feeling well over a century ago, that wise sage of race relations, W.E.B. DuBois had it partially right in his essay “The Color Line Belts The World.” The next imperial structures, probably in the form of economic prowess may well be China. I don’t like American politicians and their alarmism about our current, ahem,  debt to them, but our current situation is our own fault, that, and the global presence that the Chinese government has now in the African continent. It gives me reason to wonder, to imagine.  To read more, check out this article by The Atlantic: The Next Empire.

Am I way off base? I think if post-colonial studies is to thrive in the decades ahead, there needs to be a discernment about which nations are becoming the super-powers and how does it manifest itself.  Otherwise there will be this outdated anti-American, anti-British polemic.

Untold Stories from the 2010 Winter Olympics: An Update

Thanks to the folks at the Mormon Worker, I have been updatde about the Olympic Resistance movement, which is anti-imperialist and anti- corporatist in nature from what I understand.

As an update to my last post Untold Stories from the Winter Olympics, I wanted to link to Democracy Now’s coverage of Olympic Resistance as an anti-poverty movement, thanks in part to Franklin Lopez of Vancouver’s Media Co-Op.

Also, the Student Christian Movement of Canada has been updating its audience about protests for homes, not games.

You can see that here at this link: Student Christian Movement at York University: SCM York joins SCM UBC, Indigenous and Anti-Poverty activists calling for Homes Not Games and No Olympics on Stolen Native Land!

I hope these groups make themselves to be proper martyrs (martyr is the greek word for witness, not someone on a suicide mission) by bringing down nationalism and imperialism.

Truth and Peace,


Untold Stories from Winter Olympics 2010

With all the hype surrounding the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, with the commercialism and nationalism abound, I thought I would play the role of Debbie Downer and highlight some stories  not being covered by the mainstream media.

We are not hearing the stories of Olympic Resistance where they are pointing out that the Vancouver Olympics are happening on stolen Native land and the homeless are being displaced in the name of a good showing. That’s what usually happens at these events, even in yearly parades: the plight of the poor is swept under the rug.

It is not a coincidence, then, that Stephen Harper, currently the Prime Minister of Canada and head of its Conservative offered a full apology on behalf of Canadians for the Indian Residential Schools system. He says that

“Today, we recognize this policy of assimilation was wrong, has caused great harm, and has no place in our country. The Government of Canada sincerely apologizes and asks the forgiveness of the Aboriginal peoples of this country for failing them so profoundly.”

I have come to admire Harper, his politics and his humble way of approaching policy. Perhaps another country’s conservatives and libertarians can learn from him.

Lastly, JK Gayle tells us why women cannot ski jump.

Truth and Peace,