My Favorite Christmas Movies

December 25, 2012 0

A number of folks have asked me what my favorite Christmas movies were, and so without further ado, here they are, and why.     […]

#DoctorWho: The Snow Men

December 25, 2012 8

This Christmas was the first time I got to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special on BBC America.  As some of my friends commented, a […]

'Tis the Season

December 8, 2011 0

Ah, Christmas is in the air.  Malls are playing Jingle Bells over and over and over again in a sadistic attempt to drive all retail […]

Have a Mary Christmas!

December 25, 2010 0

From Chad and Rod here at Political Jesus, we just wanted to remind everyone to have a blessed Mary Christmas. Mary, not only for joy, […]