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Political Jesus has moved. Welcome to the #ResistDaily

Greetings fam!

For the past three years, I (Rod) had contemplated moving the blog once known as Political Jesus and shifting its focus. After months of discernment, late last year I decided after the Charisma magazine debacle, that this city deserves a better class of Christian magazines.  I imagined the possibility of a magazine to serve both the Church and the World in a forward-thinking faithfulness committed to: Christian Nonviolence, Cultural Intelligence, Interdenominational Dialogue, and Gender Equity. What if rather than news stories centered on cults of celebrity,  or which U.S American political party is doing it wrong this week, there was a Christian publication with a Christ-centered approach, with an eye for the margins?

Thus was born The Resist Daily: The Everyday Politics of Jesus for the Global Neighborhood. You can read more about our mission on our Start Here page.  Over the years, I had a lot of help bringing relevant essays each month at what was Political Jesus. Over the next few days, I will be asking for more help to make The Resist Daily a successful publication. I would like to take the time to thank my friends T.C. Moore for the Logo and the banner, and Alan Noble of Christ and Pop Culture for responding and giving advice about how we should move forward.

Lastly, I recognize the significance of the day of this launching. While the launch date was more of a coincidence, we were inspired by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of the idea of a “global neighborhood.” In his Where Do We Go From Here?, MLK discussed the uses of technology, the hidden dangers and promises of scientific “progress” and how the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. became recognized worldwide. It is the hope of the staff and writers at the The Resist Daily that this publication will be as committed to peacemaking, the liberation of the poor, and human diversity as leaders such as Rev. Dr. King Jr. and others were.

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