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Welcome to the New Look Political Jesus: New Logo, Neater Pages Section

This is an update on some new features that we have added to this site. First, in case you hadn’t noticed, in the header, we have our own logo now. I would like to take the time to thank IRL friend and PJ commenter Seth for taking the time to perfect the logo, and also giving us a number of the same logo, with different colors. That way, we can change the color scheme to fit the logo, and vise versa.

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In addition to recommending the logo style (inspired by 1970s DC Comics), Optimistic Chad also recommended organizing our PAGES section. I am sure it was a little confusing as of last night until I (Rod) updated it.

Now our featured pages are by broader topic, rather than narrow, limited subject: BOOK REVIEWS, CHURCH HISTORY, THEOLOGY AND RACE, THE BIBLE AND SEX, and RELIGION AND NERD CULTURE. When you have a chance, check them out!

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The Economy of Jesus: An Introduction

A few weeks ago in the theo-blogosphere there were several concerned theo-bloggers who expressed questions about the Tea Party’s rise to political power after the mid-term elections, particularly their approach to economics: see for example, J Kameron Carter, Adam Kotsko, and David Horstkoetter.

As I promised via Twitter, I want to start exploring the ancient life of Israel & Judah, Christ, and their  relationship to economic practices, particularly here in the United States. I want it to be an exploration in Christology rather than a partisan polemic, which seeks not some abstract fascist leaning Third Way , but that which is guided by some principles, perhaps the Ten Commandments for example, or maybe notions of Christian nonviolence. Perhaps we should try to re-imagine the world without monetary policy or currency? Are they really necessary? Are these inherently violent? Maybe we should consider bringing back bartering, trading possessions between individuals and families?

I object to labelling Jesus of Nazareth either a Socialist or capitalist, due in large part to my suspicion that so many Western intellectuals have a bad habit of viewing, as J Kameron Carter in his work Race: A Theological Account, Jesus as the very best that the West had to offer in the garb of the Orient.¬† That, and the tendency I see on some on the left and right of encapsulating Christ as the embodiment of their ideals at the direct (whether it be conscious or unconscious remains to be seen) exclusion of Jesus’ Jewishness. By this, I mean not to delve into which sect he was part of ( Second-Temple Pharisee or revolutionary Essene, etc.) but the (economic and religious) practices which formed his identity and his earthly ministry.

I hope that you will join me in this journey.

Truth and Peace,


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Could Facebook Be the Anti-Christ?

New theory. Facebook.com is the anti-Christ and Mark Zuckerburg is the Beast. I found a formula somewhere on the interwebs that told me his name equals 661. True story.

But seriously, Facebook has surpassed our beloved EBAY as the #3 company on the web and now they are planning to do away with the worst thing about Facebook, those annoying messages and make an e-mail system to compete with Google.

Speaking of Google, Joel recently discovered that Academic Earth is better than Google Earth.

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