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How To Follow This Blog

There are a few was to follow this blog:

The Best Way to follow Political Jesus is by finding a Feed Reader to fit you; a feed reader allows you to subscribe to multiple websites and keep up with your favorite blogs. With the fail of Google Reader, I would suggest Feedly.COM. All you have to do is find in the top left hand corner “ADD CONTENT,” copy (control, then C) the URL/website name into the box for subscription, then press Paste (control V), then enter. Then, press subscribe, like so:

feedly pic

If you don’t like Feedly, here are some other feed readers.

You can also subscribe by getting our posts by email: All you have to do is find the Political Jesus Logo and underneath it, enter you email address, it will look like this on your screen:

subscribe email

If you are on Facebook, post go directly to The Political Jesus Facebook Page

If you are on Tumblr, posts directly forward to POLISYFYJESUS tumblr

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