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Commenting Policy

This post is just a reminder that we do have a commenting policy for the blog. It is located where the pages are, below the header.  Here is the link:Commenting Policy

I had to make this policy for a reason. What makes wordpress so much more awesome is that Chad and I can agree to block hostile commenters from posting until they agree to contribute to discussions rather than harass either of the authors. Blogger does not do this. Remember that!

Thank you for visiting Political Jesus.

The Big Announcement: Chad to Blog here!!!

Last week, Brian and JohnDave added Robert Jimenez to their team at Near Emmaus.

For some time now, I had been looking for contributors to this blog, since I may from time to time be unable to post constantly; at the same time , I wanted someone with both an interest in biblical studies focus.  I first met Chad in a few classes at  school, if I am correct it would be Introduction to Biblical Greek and our Exegesis in the Gospel of John course. We had some fascinating conversations on theology and biblical interpretation as well as ministry and politics, because that’s how we role, and that’s how we will blog in conversation from now on. Don’t be surprised if other contributors appear. 😉 Just a heads up.

Here is the blurb about Chad:

[Message Redacted- Signed, the authors of the book of Ezekiel]

I'm Back

Well. Been on a blogging hiatus.  Left for Los Angeles, CA for the Wesleyan Theological Society annual meeting.  Very interesting presentations that I have taken notes on and will post on tonight and tomorrow.  Who would have ever thought that two years ago I would have been into philosophical theology and Patristic thought?

And that’s why I am not afraid to blog on my academic ideas. So little time, but so many changes.  I went from planning my career of regurgitating everything Stanley Hauerwas and James Cone said to developing my own distinct voice.  I am not afraid of anyone stealing my ideas. It is a free market and if they can articulate my arguments better than me, then go ahead, make my day.  Plus, I am in theological studies, where knowledge is constructive in nature.  It’s only in biblical studies that persons are afraid of having their intellectual property rights stolen since the discipline lacks ideological diversity; much of what I have read in biblical studies has already been said 100 years ago or so, even “liberationist” and “postmodern” readings.  If people are afraid to blog out of fear of having their ideas stolen, perhaps they should look into getting their blogs copyrighted.

I searched far and wide on Google for a CV that had both patristic theology and postcolonial theory.  I came up sadly short: the number– zero.

Oh, and apparently I own the master of all aliases.  I guess sort of?  I mean its half way a joke but also serious in that I see myself as wanting to bear the school of Alexandria tradition, albeit in a different context and doing research in inferior libraries.

Truth and Peace,